Foundation repair - pure entertainment is right

This would be a one day job, hand dig it all, all soil wheeled to street, picked up n hauled away - waterproof the wall, NOT damproof it as he did and backfill with 90% gravel

used forks to dig lololooollll

loolollll TARPS! hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

THIS is why it’s best to get it all done in one day bro, heLLLLLLLo!

1:15 shop vac water out
7:25 DAMPROOFING, thin sloppy weak azz crap, sheesh, do the job right if you want it to ‘last’!

and of course he backfilled with all the same soil, he needed the extra money to EAT!

Now that is one bad video with a bad influence to anyone out there trying to do their own work.
And to admit when it starts that he will backfill with the same crap.
You are right Mark on this;

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if one is going to do this then lol why not spend a little more and do it right so it lasts a long time, would not have cost much more to wheel all the soil out to street n have it hauled away and backfill with msotly gravel… and waterproof the wall, NOT damproof it, amazing stories Marcel lol

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Videos like that should not even be on you tube as far as I am concerned.

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well you are correct Mr C but
a) we need some entertainment
b) crap like this i guess may help someone NOT make similar mistakes, i dunno lol

Words fail me…