Foundation wall anchor installation


6:45…they claim, the wall anchor system is a PERMANENT solution for bowing and unstable foundation walls. #-o#-o#-o#-o#-o

looooooooooooool what a bunch of bulsht.

Let’s see here, duh better business bureau says, Government action…
2 cease and desist orders for contracting without a license. #-o](*,)

Tip for Baseco… if you PAY duh BBB they’ll likely make some changes for ya until yer dumb azz gets a license…put this under duh rug, got dat?

Hmmm, Fairfax County tries to inform homeowners with bowed basement walls to do…what? Versus what these and many other turds do.
does anyone see 'em try and tell homeowners to install wall anchors and-or an interior basement drainage system with 500 sump pumps, huh? :-k:-k:-k

Baba O’ Riley

Me thinks excavating duh exterior and building a new masonry wall would be MUCH less expensive than wall anchoring duh walls, waterproofing, and still have duh same cracked walls…:twisted:…:wink:

I’ve jacked duh exterior walls several times, ripped out the old, installed duh new…nice jobs…:profile:

Word is, Mr. D has been out of duh country… was it a big country? :-k

Big Country/In a Big Country

Thanks John for your many great posts much appreciated … Roy

Mr. C. Sr, :wink:

i thank you peeps for allowing the old man to hang out n post AND I enjoy reading n learning from your peeps posts.