Foundation - Wall Plate Anchors

What is everyone’s opinion on the use of wall plate anchors for a bowing foundation wall where the concrete blocks have cracked and pushed inward? The anchors were installed by a professional contractor but to me they seem like bandaids. What is your opinion? Would you personally buy a home that had recent foundation damage and had wall plate anchors installed?

You gotta fill us in here… Wall plate anchors?
Post some pictures because plate anchors generally have a different meaning in the construction trade.

The wall bowed for a reason, that reason should be identified and addressed by someone. The anchors are just installed to help keep it from getting worse. I wouldn’t have a problem purchasing a house with them.

Rick, the system looks something like this:

Be sure they addressed the root cause that pushed the wall in, typically wet soil due to poor drainage. There are several other things that could have contributed, but water is where I would start. If the wall was bowed in to the point of failure, then the exterior soil should have been removed and the wall straightened, IMO.

Thanks for the feedback. Special thanks to Andrew Griffin for the illustration. This is the first post I’ve created and i’m beyond impressed at the the participation.


Wall anchors? lololll Here we go… yet again another nimrod tells homeowners they need wall anchors and an interior drainage system while the actual problems are exterior cracks in the basement walls, lateral soil pressure… which weren’t addressed/fixed by installing stupid wall anchors and the INT system! 3 short videos, same house

another wall same house

INSIDE basement view, looks can be deceiving when inspecting walls inside basement and have little if any experience on what these walls look like on the outside