Foundation waterproofing, blocks under Bilco doors, corner

This kid has a ton more common g dang sense than ANY interior system company

Will ask ANY piece of incompetent garbage interior owner, salesdork, installer etc, how would installing ANY piece of crap interior system and 99 luft balloons, err I mean 99 sump pumps, fix-repair and Stttttttop further water from entering the blocks,joints etc…, huh?
NOT not NOT gonna happen baby!!!

Any city inspector who okays, passes (duh permit) the installation of an interior system without DIAGNOSING the friggin REAL problems needs to be SUED, tired of these terds as well.
Just like in this video or in the many friggin photos ive posted, IF an interior system was installed (and many certainly have been) they need to be kicked in the az and hit where it hurts so that they’d FINALLLLLLLY LEARN something …grrrrrrrrrr.

They don’t know/Tracey Ullman on Solid Gold…inside system terds don’t know
Ummm, how 'bout dem skkkkkirts, got LEGS?

…'No you shouldn’t listen to the INSIDE terds wasted lines, get your EYES wide open so you’ll SEE the SIGNS!"

Ritchie Blackmore, Gates of Babylon…‘Sleep with the DEVIL and then YOU must PAY!’

Mark fcg Anderson KNOWS these misfit, misleading, incompetent, fraudulent inside system companies are full of shhhhtttttttttttttttttt…

And anyone backing ,highly recommending these BUBBLEHEAD mfrs are also full of shtt, lost in SPACE. You sukkk,period. God knows my guys n I HATE ya.

Fcg little LYING, cheating snatches…yep!