Founding an inspection industry in Mexico

I’m headed for a week in Cuernavaca, Mexico starting April 9 for meetings on development of a Mexican inspection industry. At present there are virtually no in-country pre-purchase or jurisdictional inspectors working in Mexico. We at InterNACHI hope to work with partners in related fields to change this.
I’ll be posting while I’m there.

At the rate we are going, InterNACHI will completely (with only a few exceptions) blanket the entire world within the next 2 years.

It’s true. We’re going around the world. We just need to work on North Korea…

I’m also leaving the U.S. next month to help the inspection industry in…


Well Tim, since you’re already spittin’ distance away. You get that one! Well… you and Dennis Rodman.

“Inter NACHO” ?

Kenton, I have a few HIP users in Mexico. If you need contact info, let me know.

Good for you Kenton…hope everything goes well…!

PS…don’t drink the Water, regardless if anyone may tell you differently.

PSS…see you in Boulder the weekend of the 20th…!

PSSS…I’ll buy lunch at the “Jalapeno Duck”, Boulder, CO…:lol:


Looking forward to it Dale!

Have fun. Looked at a few homes when I was down there. Get ready for some long reports.

Some latin american HI pix

so… are these actual inspections you guys were hired to go do somewhere, or are these just pictures of bad construction in Latin America?

Mine are just my tourist pix - Canada to Chile by motorcycle

are You going to be playing hide the chalupa while there ?

Make sure to pack an extra tin-foil hat, it’s not just a good idea… It’s the law. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kenton is on the plane as of this AM.

A bird told me you would be doing something you haven’t done in 20 years…

And don’t you forget it. Be sure to bring your passport and your six shooter. Give us a shout when you get down, maybe we can give you the tour of our wide open ranges.