Free Lunch! (trade for a ride-along)

My business partner and I are looking for a ridealong somewhere in the OC-SD-IE area…we offer free help with GFCI checks and lunch/beer!

If you can help give us a call at the number below or send me an email…

Smooth move… Roy

And in case it wasn’t completely obvious–the gfci thing was sarcastic–we would be happy to help in any way we could during the inspection. Even if that just means staying out of the way…

I’ll be in LA next week. Book an Inspection and give me the fee and I will let you come with or pay my way into Disneyland and we can inspect that.

I would think you’d do a bit better by having a home available to inspect that is unfamiliar to both you and a mentor, then contact/network with some local inspectors that you know to be knowledgeable / reputable.

Given a choice, you will find folks a bit more helpful when on neutral ground, so to speak.

Good Luck!

Agreed. I don’t do “ride-alongs,” but am happy to assist on a mock inspections on properties of your choosing and procurement.

Jeff and I did a mock inspection together. You should take him up on the offer. It will be well worth it.

Mock inspection?
Does he just point and make fun of you?

Seriously though, wish our local would do that as it would be fun to see how everyone else does it.
Mike Merrino tried to set us up and the guy in charge of emails did not even send it out then Mike had all his tools stolen from the site but past all that a Mock inspection seems like a great way to go.