Free wind mit/4 pt w/$275 home inspection

Those inspectors were able to get their license and don’t even live in the State. That is my point.

As to what is going on between Mike and I, see next post.

To put it bluntly, you are full of ****.
You and your friend both.

After I received the report I removed any information which identified you, then, made a pdf of it. The program used is a print driver so no links are provided. There is no way possible that any links were ever present. Nothing has been changed since the day I uploaded it to my site. Again, you are full of ****.

I did not say anything about you or your company. The statement made was in reference to contractors using the home inspection to generate more business. It isn’t slanderous in any way towards you or your company as you are not identified and never were. And the proper term would be libel.

If you call supplying that half *** four-point helping me, thanks for nothing. It took two days to straighten that mess out!

50% off special? My Clients wouldn’t use your services for free. They have been exposed to higher standards. Look at the testimonials. They are real and those are only the ones that wrote something.

I don’t have to compete, as you put it. I have been in business since 1994 and have done quite well.

And now, to get to the meat of the matter.
My only problem with you is that you think because you have a contractors license, you are magically qualified to perform home inspections. I’d be curious as to how many you have actually performed.

You think you have a case against me, go ahead. As your report is available for download by everyone, it is public domain.

Just like you posted my home address in your post.

You want to keep playing?

1445 NW 9th Street Dania, Fl

Just what are “heals”?:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Also, what makes you think you were the only upset home inspector that called me today? I never revealed who it was just like the website. You did that all on your own.

The reason for my initial post was that our conversation started with a lie. You stated that there were links to your site, etc., which I told you there weren’t. You then went on about something else then stated that if it wasn’t removed by Monday, there would be problems.

I may just remove it because you have already taken up too much of my time that could be used doing something productive, like rearranging my sock drawer.

I can also just have my clients e mail me and then send them the original in all its glory.

Yes, since day one. Many other home inspectors do as well in this area.

My client is paying me to tell them what is wrong. If they are “scared”, then they got the message.One of those homes, the father of the young girl that was going to purchase the home, called and thanked me for saving her from a disaster. He was also a contractor.

Estimate and cost are two very different words with different meanings. There is minimal risk.

Where and when do you want to meet? I will gladly settle this in person with you. Anytime any place. You feeling froggy? Leap bit-h.

The info from did not state that was your home address. Your stupid a-s thinks I posted that to show your address no it was to show that you only have one license and are not a contractor. Another member wondered what additional qualifications you had and I was showing him the answer. NONE. The funny thing about you and the 4 point form is your dumb a-s did not submit any photos :slight_smile: How experienced did you say you were?

My address is readily available in a zillion places online so I do not care what you post.

You have done nothing but lie in the posts above. I am known for my brutal honesty and nothing i STATED WAS A LIE. aS i SAID THE ONLY REASON i CONTACTED YOUR SORRY A-S was because my information was showing up in my sample report you posted .

You are a shining example of what is wrong with our profession. You are a loudmouth little bit-h who cannot compete on your own merit and must resort to attacking others to look like you are a good choice to choose for an inspection. Because of my verifiable qualifications I will always shine when compared to hacks like you.

Settle it in person? Really? What are you 12?

I have competed on my own **merit **for over 20 years as a home inspector. How long have you been actively inspecting homes?

My qualifications are on my website and again, I have been inspecting homes since 1988. It wasn’t an attack on you, I was just illustrating the difference between a 200 dollar inspection and a 450 dollar inspection.

Even though you said you charge what everyone else does and let me quote you accurately “$300-350 on a 2,500 sq ft home…and then throw in the wind mit, 4-point, and roof cert”!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

You reports have been removed because as I said earlier, I have more important things to do than be bothered with the likes of you. See attached photo.

Thanks for removing my information. I no longer have a problem with you and will remove all negative things i have said.

See how easy that was :smiley: Great choice. Would it not have just been easier to remove my report when I asked politely? That way would have resulted in NO negative publicity which is always best.

You didn’t “ask politely”. Let me refresh your memory…
“If it isn’t removed by Monday, there will be problems”.

Doesn’t matter if you remove the negative things or not. Many have already seen them and I have them all copied in a word file.

You wrote them and that is a fact.

Here we go again.

I wrote only the truth and have no problems with what I said.

After asking you numerous times to remove the info and you hemming and hawwing and talking about copyrights and such I gave you a deadline to comply or I was going to deal with in another way.

The point is I was a man and called you directly and asked and you basically told me to piss off.

I take it seriously when someone in my neck of the woods fu-ks with me and uses my own stuff against me saying things that are not true to get customers from me.

So yes I deal with issues in my neighborhood in person when the need arises.

If you have no problems with what you wrote, why did you delete it?

Uses your own stuff against you? I’ll just let you think about that statement for a while.

To get customers from you? How many do you have? Are they for sale? :p:p:p

I view your statements as a threat with regards to settling it and meeting in person. I would be very careful in your next posts wording.

Take it however you like. You are little gnat that buzzes around a dogs weiner. I will bet you have been a little loudmouth bit-h your whole life. I can smell them a mile away. You had the chance to deal with this privately and you decided to show your a-s.

I choose to delete to show my only goal was to have you stop using my stuff on your site and to prove I am a bigger man who only had one goal.

I guess we have regressed to middle school now!

Again, to refresh your memory…

Did I mention your name in the post above? After that is when you got your panties in a bunch.

As to your latest rant, I am usually a very quiet individual and don’t bother anyone. Being a Father of a 3 year old son is enough stress to handle without having to worry about someone who got their feelings hurt on a message board.

To those that have pm’d and e mailed me, thanks for the support.:wink:

Keep your mouth shut and I will gladly do the same. Mess with me or my business and it’s on.

Like “Donkey Kong”!:roll::roll:

You have stumped me with that reference.

Oh a rhyme. Oki doki

I don’t see a problem , not bad for 8 hrs work/w paperwork…

could be priced about 50.00 more…if there was a crawl involved thank god you didn’t get it. A 1916 crawl space… just gives me the willies. He deserved it.

Roughly 35 bucks an hour and a wasted day before taking out any expenses.
I would have passed on it.

1916 home probably means no attic or if there is an attic minimum access or no crawl space. 4 bed/1 bath upstairs.

l/d/k/bath garage 1st floor. easy smeesy… 3hrs tops + paper work including consultation.

If there were an accessible attic and crawl space then the low baller would have earned that money the hard way. I bet he don’t do that again.

That would be $450 here. And that is low for 1916! :mrgreen: