Friendly fire

They all came!:slight_smile:

Watch out your head does not get to big to enter the government doorways though.
Oppps… I forgot they enlarged them for everyone that works there.
you better bring a chain saw just in case. Yours seems a tad bit bigger this week.:wink:

All the best.
I respected you the moment you spoke the truth.:slight_smile:

Why put up a screen shot of my site? I’m not sure what your point is.

You don’t like to improve your SEO?
Did I say anything derogatory one way or another about your site?

What makes you come here out of the blue with only nine posts on this association’s board that you have no association with and start stirring the pot? You end your post expecting flames and a reaction from this association to prove your point, just like your buddy Robert.

Before you come here slinging muck around why don’t you both go to the thermal imaging section of this board and read it from beginning to end. Then maybe you’ll have the same perception as the rest of us and what is actually going on here.

Robert, what’s with the swollen head rant?
More name-calling? Do you want to refute the facts? How about presenting them instead of just creating innuendo!

I don’t see the “theys” calling names at anyone. Just because you don’t like the facts, you guys act like a bunch of politicians and start calling names and slanting the truth to your own perspective.

go enjoy the ballgame!

I see nothing wrong with what you have written so far. Your words ring true and I see no Flaming remarks. The facts are the facts and if he doesn’t like them don’t come back. I would not waste any more time on this thread!!

I’m curious, how does a screenshot improve search engine optimization?

I think the swollen head comment came from the proclamation of your “federal government job” with my competition comment. It was just an odd thing to say in the context of the post that’s all. Like a federal government job is something special over and above other jobs that the rest of us commoners preform… which kind of goes along with the theme of my original post.

You come into our home and attack us when we retaliate you get upset .
Sorry you are visitor and visitors should be polite not aggressive.
If you do not like us to bad for you. Where is your respect.

I’m not upset at all. In fact I’m quite happy and content. I was merely pointing out some observations from years of experience owning my own forums. If you don’t like my observations that’s cool, it’s just my opinion. Maybe if the folks were more accepting of all, regardless of their training or skill levels the board would be more active with things other than mostly marketing materials.

Sorry but I feel the opposite.
He did nothing wrong and why put up his website. That a low shot.
You tell me your main intent was to increase his SEO.
I have no issues with wanting to be better oneself, advanced education and mentoring. I Do not like lies and delightful answers.
Everyone is allowed an opinion, EVEN GUESTS.

To show you want kind of a message board this is… As soon as Jeffry’s starts his little insults, in comes a message like a virus. Like the one I opened last year when I LOST MY FUC…ING 4 HARD DRIVES.

I have not watched ball in months and this is not a game to me.

As stated before David, Give Nick a push as well. He post is #2 buy the way.:slight_smile:

I hold education in the highest regard David, that is why I am here. I have looked at and taken many HI educational courses, opps, so called educational courses years before I came here.

I do try to refute members at times and should not. My ill manner and ill used narratives mostly come when I am tired from many long waking hours at home helping family. I should and will remain mostly off the board.
Education and business growth are my quest. MB all yours.
See David what comes as ease to others is not that easy with certain subject matter to me as well as to others. henceforth, Doctors, Nurses, and even the garbage man.
That being said.
I enjoy a good ruff in any game including bridge and auction 45 and have been know for shooting off my mouth but I do try to reflect as much as one can and do so daily. I admit I can be a handful. sorry.

I remember Nick saying a remark that stuck with members for many a months, “new eyes are clear eyes.” I think they have volumes to say when looked at. A guest with new eyes.:slight_smile:
Just my 2 cents.

PS: We are all association bothers and sisters. I do acknowledge everyone’s personal efforts and accomplishments as great rewards to them, to us when shared, and I am only speaking my opinion. Opinion: a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
All the best David.
PS: You do not have to prove you are good when you have solid facts behind you. Your peers will let you know and the ones that don.t will tell you by asking questions.

Three last thoughts and then I will be off the MB for a while. I am to far behind to where I should be and wish to be and wish just to catch up without someone throwing bombs at me.
To bad.
So sad.
One member taught me a great lesson when I arrived, “You can disagree and remain friends.” That is how I feel about everyone here.

PS: No more email bombs or what look like email viruses I got last year that shut me down hard.
**Love to meet you in person one day. Lots to talk about **mate!!****:-).

NOTE: Nick will get them emailed for Chris to tract.
I have spammed them out.

3 thoughts.
#1 Just encase someone forgot post#2.

#2 As for the IR members that help and the other they, Flir laugh at other educators. That comes from a educator and sales rep. yep, leveling and education for money.

#3 I read all the non members opening post to this thread. I truly see him insulting no one and just making a generalist statement.

Gees Louis, you call me emotional.
Read his thread again. Opps that makes 4 thoughts. Sorry.

Yeah Jeffrey! And… And… And… Stop with the mind rays too!

Genital men don’t do that to their mates, Mate!

I’m curious, how does a a screen shot improve search engine optimization? Could be helpful info for all of us.

Seeing your still asking:

You made the first post.

Now check Google…

What is the big deal about posting your web page?
Your “Location” on the thread was Spring Hill.
My question; TN?
Yes, I looked at your site.
Yes, your from TN.

Anyone looking for “Friendly - Fire” and you pop up #2 in Google.
And there is your web page… Big deal?
Feel free to post mine anywhere you want…

Why do you look a “government job” as swell headed?
Another Thermographer from Franklin, TN (right next to you) has a Gov Job Too Big to do alone. He and I are working together to get-er-done (have done so in the past several times).
Subject in point: We (the they’s) here are not as you seem to perceive. We get along. We have been trained by several different trainers. We have different equipment. A lot of differences…

One thing we have in common is the belief that someone is charging HI’s $600 for “Certified Training” without ever being “Certified” to teach anything more than what is “Free to all” from several trainers. Yes, even Flir has several free courses.

Also, when we look at Internet web sites we see BS marketing; we can see through walls, we can do any thermal application because we own a camera, thermal scans used for the web sites come from someplace else!, The scans exceptions are not what they are made out to be.

I was sitting in a class one day and up popped a thermal scan of my bedroom window! When asked where the scan came form, the trainer said “he took it” (yup, right off my web site).

I would like to see the posts where anyone has blasted anyone for not getting training from any one trainer (and all others are therefore crap). I must have missed them.
I know for a fact that you will find several posts by me listing Infraspection, Flir, Snell, UI, Scott Wood Asso. as noteworthy trainers (all in one post).

Facts are facts. I 'm not really interested in “opinion”.
That is why I responded to your post.
I don’t see where I flamed you, as you seemed to expect at the end of your OP.
If you want to share your opinion, share the “facts” and won’t get flamed.

…A new tag-line for you, David… "working together to get-IR-done" :mrgreen:

Hum… I wonder how many people looking for IR search on “friendly fire thermal imaging.”

Not really what you call SEO. I appreciate the help though. :wink:

Im also curious who’s in Franklin. Maybe I can send him some work. I need to contract every now and then.

Who knows what words make a hit. It’s about content, not just the title. I’m just trying to answer your SEO question AND GIVE THE FACTS! So you won’t misunderstand what I’m saying.

Now we are going to talk about SEO?
Must I explain every sentence I write here to make everyone feel “warm and fuzzy”?!

The point is…
…if you post it, it goes on the internet.

You should know with all the networks and sites you say you have.

See Sig block below…

Look David, I don’t care whether you posted a screen shot of my site or not and I’m not even sure what your point was anyway. FACT, when I asked why you put up a screen shot of my site you answered “You don’t like to impriove your SEO?”

So ok, lets talk about facts at the risk of getting too far off in the weeds. Your claim I guess was it was helping my SEO. I don’t want you to mislead other members of the site. SEO is useless unless it directs traffic to a desired place for people who are searching for it. That’s whole the point of SEO. Maybe you should just stick with IR, you seem proficient at that.

Here’s a good example of example of SEO. A common search term for someone in this area may be something like nashville thermal imaging (you can do resarch on google search trends and see who’s searching for what). Look who comes up first even though your site has been out there years longer.

That’s good SEO.

I’ll check out of the thread now. Have fun on your federal government job. I only wish I was as important and special.