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Just in Case you did not see this info earlier this week I am posting it again for all to see . Not much different then Before . Enjoy Roy

[size=]Ontario Association of Home Inspectors
Established by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994
Box 38108, Castlewood R.P.O., Toronto, Ontario M5N 3A8
Tel: (416) 256-0960 or 1-888-RHI-OAHI (744-6244)
Email: • Website: or

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Dear Colleagues:

Greetings and I hope that this message finds you well. As its now
officially fall and business is
somewhat slower, and corporation business has picked up, we again have
time and a reason to
start up the Friday Messages. It is our intention to deliver messages of
importance to the
members 3 out of every 4 weeks. That’s a realistic goal we can meet with
a little hard work.
However we don’t want to waste anyone’s time, if there’s no news,
there’s no Friday Message.
This Friday your Board of Directors has two pieces of important news to
offer, both related to
improving the Association for its members and for consumer protection.

The preamble is that it is very hard to move a volunteer Association
forward when volunteers do
all the legwork. Ask any of the committee members, chairs, and
directors. We all have plenty of
good ideas but little time to refine, develop and implement the good
ideas. Often we’re reacting,
not anticipating and then leading; sometimes we don’t have time to hear
the members.
Consequently we needed a new plan including help to move the Association
forward. We went

Firstly we have engaged the services of Aubrey LeBlanc as Executive
Advisor to the
Corporation. We are extremely pleased and excited about this
appointment! Aubrey brings with
him an impressive skill set which will greatly benefit the corporation.
Aubrey is a former CEO of
the Ontario New Home Warranty program (TARION) and a prime mover in the
and implementation of the Ontario Building Code. Aubrey has consistently
has been a big
supporter of home inspectors. He is currently in private practice and if
he doesn’t know
everybody who’s anybody he’ll make the phone call and introduce himself.
Aubrey is centered
in Toronto, he is a family man with two daughters and being from Timmins
he knows small and
big town Ontario.

Your directors plan to use Aubrey wisely; to that end we have started
with an internal
governance review to help us and the OAHI staff serve you better. After
this intro you will see
one of our first decisions, the second bit of news for today’s message.
We have developed and
instituted our “Best Customer Policy” and our “Internal Mission
Statement”. These policies were
developed by the directors pre-Aubrey, spearheaded by director Mike
O’Grady, hats off to Mike!
Aubrey is being utilized on a monthly per-project basis at present.
Beyond the governance
review, he is advising us on external relations, self-assurance, bylaw
revision, promotional
activities and improved membership services. Next year at the AGM we
will be asking you to
approve a longer-term contract for Aubrey, and by then we expect you
will have ample proof of
his abilities and worth. The Board has the utmost confidence in Aubrey
and we look forward to
you all getting a chance to meet him as he assists the corporation.
Aubrey is a complete
professional as befits our Association of professionals.

That would be all for now, I expect that the Friday Messages will
continue as we have several
items bubbling just below the introduction level. Please read on and
tell us what you think of the
Best Customer Policy and the Internal Mission Statement.

If you’re attending the National Conference – and I hope that you are –
please come up and say
hi to the directors there. I expect Doug, Tom, Alrek, Mike, David, Gerry
and myself will be
there. Plus Past President Graham Clarke and goodness knows who else!
We’re all approachable.
I wish you good business!

Andrew Dixon, RHI
President, CAHPI-Ontario/OAHI

**OAHI gets message to clean up its house

**Canadian Association Of Home And Property
Inspectors-Ontario (CAHPI-Ontario)
Ontario Association Of Home Inspectors (OAHI)

Oct. 31/06

Service Mission Statement

It is the responsibility of each and every member, corporation employee, staff member
and director to interact with others within and outside our organization in a pleasant,
considerate and respectful manner. This is based on our code of conduct – Article 10.
CAHPI-Ontario/OAHI Best Customer Policy

The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors – Ontario/Ontario
Association of Home Inspectors is a member driven organization. Our primary clients
are our members, followed by the home buying public who use our members’ services.
As our members and potential members pay our way we must be very conscientious in
treating them with the utmost respect and in a very timely manner. Internal work is vital
but secondary to our best customer – our members and potential members. Only by
looking after our existing membership and encouraging new members will this
organization grow to its’ full potential.

Your Board of Directors has started an internal audit of our operations. As a first step
we are ready to implement our “best customer policy” immediately. Because we have
been perceived as a top down organization in the past we anticipate an adjustment in
both reality and perception as we implement this policy. Every volunteer organization
goes through growing pains and adjustments as it improves.

We acknowledge that our membership is our most important asset!
Your Board of Directors believes strongly that professionalism begins at home.

I wonder will there ever come a day when OAHI/CAHPI tries to follow their own rules .
It seems so strange to me that The OAHI pres would put out some thing as sensible as the above and never even try a little bit to follow the rules he askes all to follow.
To bad life is so short to not ry and get along .

HY Bill

To much readin for me Roy. But good luck. You seem to be an average joe thats been kicked in the nuts too long and finally your kicking back. :slight_smile:

I got some steel toed boots. .let me know if you ned to borrow them…:slight_smile:

Just a guy, RandyL :slight_smile:

How do I get them from you thanks for the offer.


Roy caught OAHI in one big deceptive lie. All fuelled by zealots who had the key to the treasury with the backing of less than scrupulous BOD. I think I will have to place a call to Aubrey and introduce myself and see if I cannot get some serious issues ironed out about a lot of shady and sneaky tactics OAHI uses. Its been nothing short of torture!

I just bought a new pair but i still have the old ones. They aren’t very comfortable but are still very effective…
If you can kick up your leg towards the groin area then “the boot will take care of the rest”. :slight_smile:

Sounds like too much Ray. I can understand you guys determanation to get things straight but Is it worth the effort to pursue any of this?
I know myself I can curently join a couple associations but it does me no good because no one has heard of them. I’ve posted before that most people don’t know what oahi or nachi means. I believe in continued education and all that, of course I do.

I guess I just don’t see the need to join or even bother with a so called association that offers nothing.

Oh no! RandyL is set to become the third stooge. Run! Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! It’ll make you sick!

What flavor

Russian Red

Did you know that Gromiko’s uncle was a Russian Prince? That’s where he got the money to start NACHI.