Front steps tread does not extend past the riser

Hey Jeffrey, you know what they say about a guy with big feet…must be a clown!

Women LOVE a guy that makes 'em laugh, so I’ll take being a clown anyday!!


Ouch. What a first post. Not sure if I want to welcome you, or read you your last rights.



All in fun guys!
I’ve been following this forum for the last 18 months and so many times would have liked to contribute, but some of the posts and replies on this forum are so mean spirited that I think no, I’ll just sit back and watch these guys tear each other apart. I believe there are a lot of people like me that would contribute here with a lot of good content, but until we all decide to lighten up a little, I think it’ll be business as usual. And yes, I too have been called a clown.

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eh, i write it up to the fact that inspectors don’t have an office coffee pot to talk shit/ talk shop around. some of the same people that give you crap in one thread, will still give you very thoughtful and smart help in another. there are a couple people who throw around insults and whatnot, but i think its mostly good-hearted. it’s very easy to misunderstand tone on the internet.