FSM wanted $15,000 ish to install an interior drainage system approx 13 linear ft

Homeowner only leaks in one area, out the chimney chute door

He did a water test per my recommendation and got water out chute door in 5 minutes, automatically equals he has 1 or more cracks etc on exterior chimney wall (s), needs exterior waterproofing of only the chimney walls

1:25 - 2:00 homeowner says, ‘They wanted to put a membrane on the inside and J hammer about 8’ along basement wall n then 5’ to floor drain… $15,000 ish’

My estimate $2,300 to break out 3 walk slabs that are along chimney area-house and then hand dig 7’ deep and waterproof the exterior of chimney walls, backfill with all gravel n haul all soil away. Just to haul soil costs $450 small job

Photos below, example of what will be open on exterior chimney wall (s) below his concrete walk

what needs to be done if you want to STOP the water from where it’s entering and save around $12,000


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FSM is incredibly expensive. Like buying windows from hanson’s though, they’ll always fix it.

Plus they gotta pay that bloated self absorbed salesman a big fat commission, a few secretaries to decorate the offices, and the boss doesn’t want to come to work anymore. There is some value there. Lol…

They’re encapsulations look great too, just wish they’d foam board the crawlspaces first before putting that foam bubble crap up.

yeah FSM and Everdry etc scamming, lying outfits… it just kills me n my guys, people continue to call them and we haven’t worked in 2 weeks! lololllllll :joy: and i have not had one call for an estimate in 2 1/2 weeks, not one, and we just had good long rain, no calls, un screw-me real

Are you near the Detroit area?

Just like Hanson’s and wallside. Advertising, billboards, and silver tongue salesmen. It’s that brand recognition in big money that always make things difficult for the smaller guy.

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100% Robert, big money wins is what i know, have seen in this shtty business and the crooks who have the big money continue to lie n cheat homeowners and get even more money , yep lol

Yes sir, in metro Detroit, we’ve even driven to middle of PA to help a good guy who only found INT system jerks in his area. We’ve gone to Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint and so on… am based in St Clair Shores the supposed, NOT, high water table area that the liars use to lure many homeowners into their scamming INT drainage systems

I think you could raise your prices, a little, Mark and still get lots of happy customers…JMHO. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

yes sir Larry i do IF we have jobs in weeks to come but when i have zilch i would rather make $100 versus sitting on my azz with nuttin’ :crazy_face:

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lol, yeah. I can see someone doing that to an unknowing home owner. One of the reasons I used to get so upset working in the trades. They’d say anything to make a buck.

I’m not far from you at all. Fraser. Just bought a place in Sterling Heights though. So proud to own a home in a place known for their Golden Butthole. Send me your contact info in PM - what foundation services do you offer?

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This one’s for you, Mark:

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N Y, good stuff man… how you doing Mike?