Homeowner sent me these photos of leaky CORNER

We did a different corner for this lady in 2002, she couldn’t find my number so she called Foundation Systems of Michigan FSM for an estimate. She lost her husband to Covid late last year.

After she had FSM out, she took a bit more time and then found my stinky phone number.
Again, she only leaks at-near this ONE corner, no other signs of leaks nor cracks.






FSM told her, house is settling and told her she needs piers and beams and an interior drainage system… cost $40,000 ! ! ! !

Truth is, she does NOT need ANY of that garbage, hlll no!

She will need the corner waterproofed on the exterior and some minor tuckpointing etc, likely need to spend about $2,900 which will STOP the water from entering, unlike installing an interior drainage system that allows water inside = very stupid and very costly.

Who was the moron that previously said, these companies are PROFESSIONAL and im not? lol
They are professional liars and RIP OFFS!


Keep up the good work, Mark!

The best to you and yours.

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thank you Mr Kage hope you are doing a-okay man!

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As always, thanks Mark!

I appreciate you sharing what you deal with out there.

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thank you Scott, how is business man?

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Doing alright!
A little quiet here in the North country yet but work is coming in.

Every time I see an interior drain system, and I see a few here, I think about your videos. Good information.


Can’t they just bring in some dirt and raise the grading? :smiling_imp:

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Well, the wall looks wet, overspill from a clogged downspout drain? If so, it may not be the cause but it certainly will compound the problem.


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Brian, yes sir that is a part of her problem as are some small cracks etc above grade in a few mortar joints but main problem is at least 1 exterior corner crack in block wall. If she doesn’t get the corner waterproofed on exterior then she will still leak, a lil less but i mean lolll. We waterproofed her front corner 20 ish yrs ago, an exterior corner crack was problem, since we did that front corner not a drop of water in that corner

she has something like this on exterior wall below grade (corner)

so again, the inability of some home inspectors who don’t want to, care to understand these actual problem (s) and solution screws over buyers $$, or maybe some think they know waterproofing/leaky basements better than we do

how in the world would putting in a long, new downspout extension keep all rain, snow away from, off–of, the depth of any basement wall? That’s impossible and of course long downspout ext or raising the grade doesn’t seal/waterproof these cracks and so, all the time over 4 decades i see this shtt lolol

i see many do the same thing with concrete, they’ll pour concrete on top of existing concrete (of leaky basement, like a driveway side) or they pour new slab (s) if existing slab settled or has cracks in slabs and so on, still leak, they did not identify ALL the actual problems and did not correctly fix the actual existing problems and lolol did NOT disclose the existing problems aka excisting defects the house has prior to sale of the dang house.

Some here get me wrong as they blindly think i’m just here bashing HI’s, nonsense!

Many HI’s are great and imo buyers should get a home inspection, said that many times.

These homeowners tried several water diverting techniques lol, they kept leaking and efflorescence and some mold on inside block wall at-near corner, got worse, why? Because there were exterior corner crack in block wall, needed exterior waterproofing of this corner

So imo, ‘some’ HI’s should simply stop recommending these bullshtt, moronic, supposed solutions for these leaky basements sheesh lolol, you did NOT correctly IDENTIFY the actual-existing problems baby.

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per the 6 photos posted, leaky corner.

finally got over to her house today, has at least 1 exterior corner crack (needs exterior waterproofing of corner only) and she gets some water and some efflorescence due to basement window and sill problems

inside basement

outside view of same corner

FSM told her all her walls were in bad shape and they told her she needed an interior basement drainage system and piers and some wall braces/beams, cost $40,000

I looked at her other basement walls inside, there is some drywall and paneling up agaist some of duh walls eh, and i looked all the way around the exterior of her house looking for any signs of bowing or cracks in walls or cracks-movement in bricks n mortar joints, N O T H I N G around the rest of the house, only this corner and only exterior waterproofing done n backfilled correctly will STOP the water from where it gets into the cores of the block walls (first), then it winds up on basement floor, it seen coming from the very bottom of the wall/floor, don’t allow these fraudulent jerks to scam you


It is really great that you are getting the word out, Mark. And, it is sad that some companies take advantage of unknowing homeowners.

Keep up the excellent work, my friend. :+1:

thank you Larry, yeah pitiful, shameful these knotheads LIE to homeowners for self gain, they do it all the time, no joke sir.

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