Ft Myers Airport today

All politics aside. Our country is AWESOME.

Does’nt matter who is riding in it, that is OUR plane


“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

My apologies, I couldn’t resist, lol. :joy:


That helicopter and 3 Ospreys flew directly overhead of the inspection we were at on it’s way to Naples.


Yes our country is awesome but who rides in that plane DOES matter and has nothing to do with politics but what they do. This administration needs to quit playing politics, shut up, get out of Desantis’ way, and provide them what is requested without this administration’s identity politics crap and other crap. (Re Kamal Harris and her relief aid distribution based on equity.! Yes she said it and meant it regardless of all the fake fact checking rebuttals!

You have a great Governor there in Florida who has been way ahead of any others in handling natural disasters!


I’ve always loved the look of the B747. Never had the chance to ride on one and it’s looking less and less likely as they are being phased out by most domestic airlines.

I’m afraid I would trip & fall on the stairs… … …