Fujitsu T4215, Lenovo X60 or Toshiba M400

I was considering a hand held for my Home Gauge software but by the time I buy the hand held package and the ppc and laptop, I am better off going the tablet route. I have heard good and bad about these units and would appreciate any input from you guys and gals. I am tired of writing and then spending so much time back at the office at the computer.
Also, does Vista incorporate all the featutes that windows tablet edition has.

Hi John,

I use the Fujitsu T series myself and have been very happy with it, I also have a Dell X51 pda which I have never really got along well with. Personally I believe that the larger screen and ability to upload the pictures directly into the report on site are major advantages.

I can’t help you withthe windows vista question, but I would imagine that there is a tablet Vista version out there, the microsoft site should have that information.




I have been using a tablet for a while now. I got a Gateway CX2620 for a decent price. It’s got as much memory and a bigger hard drive than my desktop. It has a 13 inch screen, which is a bit bigger than I would have liked, but it has a burner, and 5 in 1 media card reader. Just take the card out of the camera and stick it into the tablet.:mrgreen:

Real easy to upload the photos. I use a small Cannon Pixma printer and do my reports on site.

I am using XP tablet edition. Don’t know about Vista but I’ve head about some issues with it.

Check out

Good prices and good service

Hope this helps


I also use the Fujitsu T series tablets and have been very happy with them. They have a card reader slot so I can insert the camera card directly into the tablet and upload pictures very easily. I am waiting/looking for a camera that has bluetooth capability that will allow real time loading of pictures directly into the report as I take the picture. That would save an additional 15 minutes.

Thanks guys,
I took your experience with the Fujitsu into consideration and took the plungs. The T4215 is being customised and will be deliverd around the 14th.

John, I think you’ll be satisfied with the Fujitsu. I just purchased on myself (t4215), and am very satisfied.

Money well spent as far as I am concerned. Love my Fujitsu.

I just got to play around with a Samsung Q1 very neat. Small and you can get all the toys to plug into it.

I was just wondering does the Fujitsu T 4215 have the view anywhere screen. Also how durible is it.


How do you like your Gateway and how durable is it. Pros and cons about the Gateway.


The Fujitsu t4215 is available with the indoor/outdoor screen. There are many versions of this computer. I bought mine from and received it in just a couple of days.