subscribe to a Topic?

In the Forum, do you know if there is some way to subscribe to a specific Topic? In other words, I would like to receive a notification whenever a new thread is started in a specific topic. Can that be done? Thanks!

Look at “Thread Tools”.


Thank you, Roy. I see how I am able to subscribe to a particular thread. But I’m trying to subscribe to an entire Topic. For example how can I subscribe to the topic called “Plumbing Inspections,” so that I receive a notification whenever there is a new thread started in that topic?

I don’t think you can.

You may be sorry if you did. Also, seeing as most threads have CRAP titles, you probably would miss most of them anyway. My suggestion is whenever you access the MB, go directly to the section you are interested in. Do not hit the “New Posts” button. You will be swamped with all the CRAP educational threads!