Furnace age

Can anyone help me with the date of a Chromalox Electric furnace. Chromalox doesn’t reply to my emails.
Model HAF-320D
Serial number E902103651

Clive peacock

Clive you did your Job, it is up to the Client now.
I have no idea if you could get it any other way.

Call an electrical contractor who has been in the industry for quite some time. We used Chromalox baseboard heaters for some homes in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I know some homes had the electric furnaces installed but I never built one with central air.

What condition is it in? Do you have pictures? I do not know if we are talking a real old install or something new?

Stuart answered on private section. To my suprise he says it is 1990. I have no records to confirm this.


I agree, its date is from 1990. Chromalox is a division of Emerson Heating. This model is no longer available. You can pick them up on Kijijii for around $300. They are 20Kw for 68,200 BTU, not what I’d call economical, but all there is when there’s no gas.

They are also 240V only. They are known for fan motors blowing! (excuse the pun)

Agreed Len!

Thanks guys - Much appreciated…