Galaxy Note 8

My Galaxy Note 4 died on my last inspection, so I picked up the new Note 8. Was wondering what the best camera app others are using with this phone. I was using Camera Zoom FX on my old phone. Does it work just as good on Note 8?

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Did you change your battery on your 4? I thought mine died awhile back and a new battery fixed it. Also any old smartphone can be used in wifi mode with many apps…including HIP for instance.
I looked at the 8, the waterproof feature is sweet, but can’t change the battery. Would like to hear your feedback after some use.

I changed the battery and it worked for a while. Then just died. I will post my opinion of the new phone after a few inspections.

I have the 8.

I like the camera more on the 8 than I did the 4.

The 8 is slightly narrower than the 4, so it fits in my car holder better.

I like that it’s water resistant. I do a lot of swimming pool inspections, and not that I’ve ever dropped my phone into a pool, at least I no longer worry about it. And if it gets splashed when testing a bathtub, I can just wipe it off and keep going.

I don’t care for the curved screen though, because an otter box doesn’t fully wrap around the phone like it did the 4. So the case doesn’t offer the same level of protection.

I admit not being able to change the battery sucks, but the 8 charges faster than the 4, so so far it’s not been an issue.

The 8 has much more storage space, so I never worry about running out of space on an inspection. On the downside, I’m not as motivated to back up everything and clear off my phone of old inspections.

Camera ICS+

I use camera ics+

So Note 8 works better?

Any updates?? Particularly wondering about battery life?

No issues with battery so fsr.

I still hate the curve screen.

I still otherwise love the phone.

Thanks Ian.

I hope you guys mean Note 9…


Are you using a screen protector on the Note 8’s curved display? | Android Central

Yea I checked one out in costco yesterday. Hmm