HIP mobile?

Does anyone know when this will be released? I am thinking to upgrade from HIP to HIP mobile this year. Any of you beta testers have anything to add?

I am expecting any day as it is working great at this point but he may have some details or further improvements in mind.

My impression is any day now.

Are you a BETA tester Bob? What are you running it on?

EVO / Sprint but it should work equally well with any Android Tablet or phone.

Far as I know I was the last to have an issue but it is because I have a hidden file in my 8GB SD card so I switched to my factory 2GB for testing which is great so far.

Dom could find it but would rather him get the product out for all first.

There were many Beta upgrades to get it this nice working so I have a early version stuck somewhere in that one card.

I split my options and one with the galaxy note.

I know I won’t carry around a notebook, I even have my reservations about using this on-site. Most of my houses are pretty big and I need to get in and get out as soon as I possibly can (3 to 4 hours) without messing with anything in the report, but we’ll see.

As far as the program working, it’s great.

You do what you can do on-site and just merge it to your desktop and continue to march.

The Samsung note has dual core processors and runs applications that most phone owners complain about not working. With bigger and faster phones coming out, we will find ourselves less and less behind the big computer at the office.


Not true as I need my big screen for You Tube…ha ha.

Michael, do you want me to send you the beta version? The more testers the better right now as there are many differences between phones and versions. We have a few dozen guys testing right now. A new update is coming out in the next hour or so (actually 2 hours as I need to get some dinner!)

I would love to test your product! I cant say how much time I will have to test it in the next few weeks, I am SWAMPED! (which is why I want to update in the first place)
Im sure you have my email.

Glad you are swapped (lucky guy)
I am just picking up steam with the weather here myself after a terrible Jan-early February.

Mike, you’ve got mail!

Thanks Dom!

Has anyone tried the Sony P I just got an e-mail from Sony with this folding tablet. Pretty cool.

Saw something similar last year at Fry’s and it sucked plus was over priced.
Can’t remember the brand but the processor seemed slow and it was about $800.

Here is what you posted…

External Memory : micro SD Card for expandable memory (up to 32GB)
Internal Memory : 1GB

Resolution : 1024 x 480 (each screen)
Screen Size : 5.5" (x 2 - dual screens)

Storage Capacity : 4GB

Looks like a toy.

Haven’t seen it yet Linas, it looks interesting though.

I did a full inspection with it on sunday. It worked great! The only problem i had was using it outside. The sunlight made it hard to see, but i dont see how that could be fixed. Unless there was a way to change the background from black to white, maybe an option in the menu? I am running it on a galaxy nexus phone and it very smooth so far.

Shane, would one of these work for when you are outdoors?

I just ordered the galaxy 2… Dom said he can made it do whatever I need it t do,we shall see, but the guy has never steered me wrong yet.

Thanks Will i might get that. Not sure if it will work with my Otter case but ill give it a shot. HIP mobile is really come along. Any issues are just cosmetic and wish list kinda stuff.

Yeah, I can’t wait for Dom to come out with iPhone version…