Galvanized vs lead main

This is a main water line coming into a large old house circa 1898. I assumed that the line was galvanized but I have to admit that I’ve never seen a ‘flexible’ or curved galvanized line like that before.
What is your opinion?

That is lead. You can see the wiped joint at the bottom.

Ok. Thank you very much Chuck. I appreciate it.

Agree. The interesting thing is that it appears to be threaded at the coupler, which lead is not typically threaded. My suspicion, as I am not there to further investigate is, it is likely a compression fitting coupler.

I can’t, can you put in an arrow?

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More interesting is the galvanized next to it.

So, moving forward, what is it that I should be looking for. The thing for me that kept rattling around in my brain was the swept ell instead of an actual joint. Do you have any other tips? Thank you once again.

Disclaimer: I do not usually see eye to eye with this inspector, but for the sake of sharing information, he does a fair job with his offerings, even if his head is a bit full of himself…
(Just don’t blame me if you disagree with anything, also)!!

It looks like lead pipe from N. MI. :grin:

The sweep, diameter, irregularity, wiped joints. When in doubt use a magnet or give it a light scrape.


Scratch it, as Chuck said. The area scratched will become much more shined.


Ok. Great info. Thanks again guys.