Garage Door wind Mit Question

Ok so the garage door is an Amarr Model 500. The top panel has glazing (windows). I was able to obtain documentation that states the door is rated for ASTM E330 which would be selection “D” on the opening protection chart. However, the box for a glazed garage door is greyed out for that selection in the chart. Can anyone explain this to me? I assume the form is implying that a glazed garage door cannot meet the testing standard for ASTM E 330 but I have a technical document that states that it does.

All other glazing for this home is impact rated so this is the only opening in question.

Glazed openings can not be selected for wind load only. This is the reason for the grayed out boxes. The garage door would be X if not impact rated. Final selection would also be X.

What is the reasoning behind it though? I have a copy of the engineering docs and it specifically says in the engineering documentation that the garage door meets ASTM E 330. So my question is why is this not an allowable selection on the form?

Here is the documentation provided for the garage door.

Because it has non-impact rated windows in it. What is so hard to understand? It doesn’t even meet current code in a WBDR, except for the 25% exemption. You would not be able to install that door on a new home, just as a replacement under the 25% rule. There are no discounts for using the code exemption.

Garage door x

To answer your question without attitude, and more accurately- the form should really be updated to reflect the garage door options available. No, it’s not impact rated, but it is wind pressure rated. Glazed garage doors were not very common when the form was created. I mark X but include photos and documentation to your client. Insurance agents sometimes have the ability to apply discount.