Wind Mit Garage door rating?

The Noa approval rating is for large missile impact but it appears the lowest rating is the Tas 202 for wind pressure resistance. I’m inclined to mark the D line for the garage door Opening Protection Level Chart. Change out of garage door was done in 2011 under permit.

Hey Gary,

IMHO, that is a Wind and Impact rated door. Meaning that it meets [FONT=Calibri-Bold][size=1]
[size=1][FONT=Calibri-Bold][FONT=TimesNewRomanPSMT][size=1][FONT=TimesNewRomanPSMT][size=1][FONT=TimesNewRomanPSMT][size=1]For Garage Doors Only: ANSI/[/size][/size][/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][size=1][FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][size=1]DASMA 115 for Impact and 108 for Cyclic preasure. Eventhough it does not list 108 and 115 by their numbers, it does list Impact and Cyclic preasure.[/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

****[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][size=1][FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][size=1][FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][size=1]It should be checked as an ‘A’.[/size][/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT]**[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][size=1]

If at all uneasy with the A rating, it certainly qualifies (and exceeds) the ‘D’ rating…[/size][/FONT]**[/FONT][/FONT][/size][/FONT]

Has to meet 201, 202 AND 203. This one does, it is impact rated.

Doors that say 202 only are windload rated, not impact rated.

The Nachi wind mit class seems to indicate if a door is large missile approved it also is wind load approved.

After market bracing kits will increase the wind resistance of doors but do not qualify the door as Large Missile Impact resistant. Any house where the permit application was submitted after March 1, 2002, or any garage door installed after this date, would at a minimum meet the Wind Load requirements of the FBC 2001.
Except for Miami-Dade and Broward counties (defined as the High Velocity Hurricane Zone or HVHZ) all counties only require wind pressure rated doors. These two counties require Large Missile Impact Resistant doors regardless of glazing and are generally marked “For Use in the HVHZ” or “Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance.”
The conflict occurs outside the HVHZ. Home built after March 2002 are unlikely to have Large Missile Impact resistant products unless the door has glazed panels and all other glazed openings are protected with Large Missile Impact resistant coverings or have Large Missile Impact resistant glazing (Impact Glass). Large Missile Impact resistant doors are required to meet the same pressure requirements for wind load but are also tested for Large Missile Impact resistance (using a 9-pound 2x4) and also have passed cyclic testing (1464 cycles of positive and negative pressure).

**The Nachi wind mit class seems to indicate if a door is large missile approved it also is wind load approved.
This is true. Impact rating trumps the wind load rating. The selection is A, not both.

For the most part, yes. :smiley:

Simply put, they do a wind test. ANSI/[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT]DASMA 108 for Cyclic preasure.[/FONT][/FONT]

If the door exceeds 108, the fire the 9lb 2x4 at it, ANSI/[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT][FONT=TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT]DASMA 115 for Impact.[/FONT][/FONT]

Others may explain the 201, 202 AND 203.