Gary's Retirement

Hey Gary I dedicate this roof climb to you. I performed it this week climbed out the dormer window and onto the second story 1918 home.

Ya made it buddy and so will I someday;-):D:D:D

Best of happiness with your retirement Gary.
If you ever get bored you can shadow Charley.


Gary had his retirement party tonight. I’ve been planning for 2 weeks on going, then we got hit with ice last night and where I’m at is about 39 miles away. My HHR is like a roller skate on ice. My brother lives by Gary and said major roads are cleared off BUT by me they’re still sheets of slickery. Wife is from past 37 years in Houston and is terrified of ice. She would not go into her work today.

So wife and I gonna have to pass tonight and take him out for lunch or dinner maybe next week. Congratulations Gary. You got out alive.


Charley …

That’s embarrassing. That house looks like a cup cake.

Easy access to roof over front porch, then out on 2nd floor deck and another easy access to 2nd story roof.

Damn … dedicate one to Gary that is one worth dedicating.

Geez Ya would not get your Fat Butt up on that one the deck was not safe to walk on, Harry built it. The owner removed the window so I did not have to use a ladder:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Don’t push your luck Charley, I would hate to be reading the obituaries some day.

Congrats to Gary.

Marcel I read the obits every day to make sure I am not in them:shock:;-):mrgreen:

He forgot to tell you he claimed the ladder and rood standing on his hands while holding the camera with his feet using his toes to adjust the lens and take the shot.
Not bad.

He forgot to tell you he claimed the ladder and roof standing on his hands while holding the camera with his feet using his toes to adjust the lens and take the shot.
Not bad.

0 degrees, 3 inches of blowing snow and 20 MPH winds, and we still had 50 people. Thanks to Saints Pub and Patio for putting up with us yeah-whos on a stormy night. Bar tab alone was $400+. You guys missed it.

15 years, 4,500 inspections, and I walked maybe 20 roofs. Never missed any roof problem. Charley, if you get too old, I will show you how it’s done. LOL.

Dan and his new InterNACHI Heartland Chapter is truly blessed with some of the best HI’s in the business. I look forward to participating and helping fellow midwest HI’s whenever I can. My wife and I have plans for a carribean cruise and trip to Hawaii. But first, as George Strait fans, we have plans to go to see him again in Vegas in February. Time for Act III…Dan, I’ll take that dinner.

Gary I wish you well in the next part of your life.
Come back and visit but am hoping to see nothing but positive stuff from you as your experience is helpful to new and old me ] alike .

Seem to recall you even had a radio show of some sort.Why not share some of your interesting experiences with us.?

Don’t mind my attitude towards you as that was always on the private section boys club.I have always respected you and will be sad a regular is not active anymore.Dan I could apply some of that towards you as well.

Two year radio show. Nothing much came out of it. My wife and son are encouraging me to write a book. Maybe…


Enjoy retirement. Its been 14 months for me and I’m having a blast every day.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!



Happy Retirement, and let the good times roll.

Best to you,


Thanks to all. Just spent the last 5 days having my 7-year-old grand twins here at my home. One boy, one girl. Now I need to sleep a few days to recoup.

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year.