Hey Gary lets go Golfing

After we climb some good nose bleed type roofs.

Lets make a deal you teach me how to inspect from the ground so when I am 90 years old I can still inspect and I will teach you how to climb one before your 90th birthday:p:D

Great. Nice to see you can get up that high. Way to goo…keep up the good work

Charley, you still have the skydiving oxygen tanks for the high ones?—:stuck_out_tongue:

I keep mine filled, but haven’t needed them lately, no roofs over 10,000 feet in the last few months----:lol:

I must confess Gary I don’t fall off of roofs but I prolly am the only guy here that has fallen out of a crawl space???:shock::wink:

No need to walk roofs. Trying to impress clients by circus stunts is not in the best interest of anyone. It is your risk; that of the roof, your insurance agent, your family, your business, your future.

11 years, thousands of inspections, never have missed a roof defect, flashing issue, chimney crown, or vent concern. My secret is with me.

Oh, too busy for golf. Only been twice this year. Weather has been lousy, too.

Free WDO Inspections, Gary?! WTF?

Gary only one word describes you and that is (Funny):D:p

Yes, free WDO. I include them with my price. Gets me business. I am licensed to do WDO/WDI inspections in several states. I look for them during the inspection process. Might as well.

I do not laugh much. Wife complains about that often. I am too serious she says.


What is impressive, Jay?

Perhaps I should clarify a few items about roof climbing before all the newbies start trying to do what I do. I am 68 years young and have been climbing trees to wild horses from about age five, roofs are a cake walk for me. I have been climbing roofs for the last 17 years and have never had a fall.

Why because I am very careful and I take no chances I do a lot of kidding around with Gary the guy I chose to pick on but its all in fun and I am sure he realizes that. With that being said if you would like me to pick on you all it takes is for you to say I inspect roofs from the ground and I am on you like a duck on a June bug:D

I inspect roofs from my easy chair…just sayin…

Hope you are OK there in Oklahoma. Ex in Mustang is OK. Step daughter and her family in Edmund are OK. Ex father-in-law in Moore is OK, home slightly damaged. Co-workers for them down there is another story…

The work is just beginning.

Picture 2 of 3. A picture like that says it all.

Thanks Gary glad to hear your family are survivors, Moore is a mess and I have an appointment in Norman next town south tomorrow I-35 south is pretty much impassable

I hear ya, here’s one I would not walk today. I was afraid I’d climb up the ladder and walk out the front door.

5-21-13  A, 091.JPG

5-21-13  A, 092.JPG

5-21-13  A, 084.JPG

5-21-13  A, 092.JPG