Roof with a hole

Hey Farnsworth how is your pucker factor come go ride with me the offer is still open I teach how to climb roofs and be safe

I like the tube of caulk behind the chimney without a cricket…kinda typical

They keep a fresh spare stached just in case its needed

The right tools at the right time… :wink:

Boiled up and dried out in the hot OK sun…

btw, where is Marland?

Not many know where it is just a blink in the road where I receive my mail from. N Central Ok 28 miles from Kansas 10 miles from Ponca City.

I’m sure the muddy stone wall had weep screeds. I think I can see them from here.

What’s with the discolored wall?

Irrigation stains from iron in the water.

For a fat old blind inspector not to bad a observation from afar sprinklers operated from a private well with high iron content totally messed up every thing it touched including the fence I could not image someone letting the sprinklers spray on the walls

Gee, thanks Charlie you old man. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been around the block almost as many times as you.:wink:

Yes but my block is a bit longer than yours. Cheers:D

Where is Farnsworth I am in the teaching mood I have another roof for him when I get it downloaded. I want to teach him some marketing also I just booked 17 inspections this morning so I am feeling good;-):shock:

Where is Farnsworth Buddy If ya do a good inspection and climb the roofs (they will come):wink:
Today was another climbable roof I like it from the ridge cap give this old man a rush keeps my blood flowing:D

Good one, Mike.

Kenton I just looked at your website. What a badass. “I am based in boulder Colorado. I will do inspections anywhere in the world” What a ****ing badass

Thank you Juan. Doing my best.

Yo Farnsworth your missing a good opportunity to learn roof climbing, today was a walk in the park even a fat old inspector could have walked this one:p I am still waiting my door is always open

Charley why don’t you write an article on walking roofs for home inspectors. I asked a while back for some advice. All i got was a link to cougar paws and a bunch of people telling me to stop doing it.

It’s easy Juan. Right foot then left foot and don’t fall off :slight_smile: