gas pipe close to electric j box

Is there anything in the code with regard to the proximity of natural gas pipe to an electrical junction box and receptacle? Seems dangerous to me, just wondering if my concerns are supported by code.

I’m thinking not a concern, except that the hole needs sealant.

Should be sleeved too, no?

needs no sleeve.

How about if it passes through the concrete slab at the patio?

The gas piping (in most jurisdictions) is already bonded to the electrical system. This means they are already “touching” somewhere within the system, so there’s no reason they can’t be “touching” at the point where you have taken the picture.

Makes no difference as it is hard pipe.
Are you maybe thinking of csst?

If that’s a wet location they’ve used the wrong type of box. Seems funny to see a regular “handy” box with an in-use style cover.