Gas range/stove outlet..

…plugged in at counter outlet. 2004 house. FWIW, this and one other counter outlet were not GFCI protected.
I assume that this would be technically o.k. and see no real issue, but am looking for a little more insight. Thanks in advance.


What is your question?

Technically speaking a separate receptacles could be provided specifically for the gas-fired range and connected to the small appliance branch circuit per section 210.52(B)(2) Exception No. 2 and be considered acceptable. However, that provision is for other outlets (not necessarily just receptacle outlets) and not technically the one installed to meet the specific provisions of section 210.52(B)(1).

So while it is poor design…technically anything with an appropriately rated attachment plug could be plugged into those receptacles so in the scheme of life…considered poor design but not a safety concern…at least for the electrical aspect of the installation.

Totally did not read the question…if there was a question…lol…Yes, GFCI is required at that counter top location and indeed call it out. Since you are safety inspectors rather than municipal any call out that is safety related is valid…not sure how I got on to the Gas-Fired Range rant…lol…forgive me !..there has to be a lesson in their somewhere so I will leave it…:wink:

Are you sure there was not gfi protection? I find it strange that a house so new could be so far behind the code.

That receptacle should be GFCI protected.

Would a GFCI breaker not satisfy the requirement for GFCI protection?

GFI protection can be from a breaker or gfi receptacle.