Gee, that area of the roof looks funny?

1 story small townhome. I really didn’t want to get on the roof. Through binoculars, I saw a little bit of the adhesive showing and some funny exposure at one section. I thought…“DANG…now I’ve got to go up there”.

What caught my eye…
092410 045.JPG

Pull on it a bit and see what happens…
092410 041.JPG

Good Catch…Thats why I use a Licensed Roofing Contractor to do my roof inspections.

Careful you don’t start an avalanche on that roof. You could wind up on the ground in a pile of shingles in no time.

“Do you see what that &*^%$ inspector did to my new roof!”:mrgreen:

Believe me…that thought crossed my mind. I got off of there pretty quickly.

You broke it…you fix it??

According to some HI here at iNachi, you ARE now responsible for this. By testing or discovering this defect, you somehow, some way caused this so you should have to pay for the repairs. Forget that it was already poorly installed and faulty before you ever got there.:wink:

Look at the location of the nail holes where the nails pulled through. The installer had no clue about proper fastener location… those shingles are high-nailed and under-nailed (too few nails). They took low bid to find a contractor that clueless, which means they also bought the cheapest shingles they could find, which is why they didn’t bond well.

Because they’re covered by the HOA, I don’t usually check the roofs on condos and townhomes, but you did an excellent job, Joe. Good on you! Probably everyone involved in that transaction will recommend you. The only one paying for that problem is the HOA and the contractor, if he’s still in business.

I think I met the installer coming out of the tavern that morning saying something about the lak of nails for the job. He was telling the men ‘‘2 nails per tab’’. and only on the starter course.
And walk softly om the deck…