Gfci /afci

Where can I get dates for when GFCI receptacles became a requirement and for what areas. Also AFCI.

AFCI were originally in the 2002 NEC and became mandatory in the 2005. Some jurisdiction like here in NJ didn’t make them mandatory until 2008. GFCI’s have been required in some form for decades. I’ve seen a chart for them, maybe someone can post it.

AFCI on Bedroom receptacles was 1999. All circuits in bedrooms 2002.
GFCI 75 Bathrooms and outdoor within 16’ of pool.
78 Garages.
81 Outdoor under 6’6".
87 with in 6’ of kitchen sinks.
87 basements & 93 unfinished basements.
96 All kitchen & all outdoor.
05 less than 6’ from laundry sink.

RE, wasn’t the AFCI in the 99 but did not take effect until 1/1/2001?

The 1999 NEC rules, effective January 1, 2002, in NEC Sec. 210.12. introduced AFCI’s and called for their installation on bedroom receptacle circuits powered by single phase 125V(nominal) 15A and 20A

From a major manufacturer of panels.


Thanks Guy’s This really helps in resolving questions I have been getting.

Guess my memory is going faster than I thought. :smiley: