GFCI in Manufactured Homes

Are the GFCI requirements the same for a Manufactured home as a regular home? We inspected a 2000 home that had GFCI’s on some kitchen outlets but not on the ones over 6 feet from the sink. This would be required on a regular home but we were wondering if there are different rules for manufactured homes.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Jessica Glickman


Should not be different basically…are you sure the ones that were within 6’ were not controlled from the other GFCI within the kitchen?

Anyway…GFCI’s really don’t effect the 6’ of the kitchen sink thing…GFCI’s should protect all counter top receptacles so if you know that the ones near the sink are not on the other GFCI in the kitchen, call it out as a Safety Enhancement and report it as such.

**550.13(B) Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI).
**All 125-
volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere receptacle outlets installed
outdoors, in compartments accessible from outside
the unit, or in bathrooms, including receptacles in luminaires
(light fixtures), shall have GFCI protection for personnel.
GFCI protection for personnel shall be provided for
receptacle outlets serving countertops in kitchens, and receptacle
outlets located within 1.8 m (6 ft) of a wet bar

*Exception: Receptacles installed for appliances in dedicated
spaces, such as for dishwashers, disposals, refrigerators,
freezers, and laundry equipment.

Thanks Paul for the quick reply,

There were two receptacles near the sink that were GFCI and one on the island. There were two that were further away from the sink and these would not trip with the SureTest. If there is no difference for a manufactured home, then yes we will definitely write this up.
Thanks again,
Jessica Glickman

Remember Barry…just because the Suretest does not trip them does not mean they are not GFCI protected.

The best way to check this is TRIP them with the GFCI test button on the GFCI receptacle and then go to those receptacles and plug in your SureTest or any 3 light tester for that matter…

Suretest and other testers ( as discussed here before ) could be misleading sometimes if lets say the GROUND to that receptacle has gone SOUTH…probably not the case here in a 2000 home but wanted to just give you that general reminder…:slight_smile:

Thanks! Good reminders that there is still so much to learn in this profession.


Thats what we are all here for my brother…Livin and Learnin…:slight_smile: