Glazed VS Unglazed openings

I am a new inspector and I took the course for wind mitigation inspections. The one thing that was not clean was the difference between glazed vs unglazed openings. Can someone please explain the difference to me.

If this helps;

Glazed = Glass.
Windows, sliders, glass blocks are glazed.
A solid front and/or side entry door, overhead garage door (solid) are non-glazed.

Are you in Florida?

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thanks for the easy explanation. Yes I am in Florida.

If you want to really nerd out on this do a quick web search for window glazing. As Marc replied, glazed = glass because windows do not necessarily have glass in them. Oiled paper, hammered bone and other materials have been used in windows in the past. Glazing was used hold glass panes in place for a long time. It can also refer to a coating on glass apparently.

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