Good Luck to those in the Blizzards path

Stay Warm , stay home :mrgreen:

My 67 yo mom is living alone up in Maine and got the plow gassed up and seems to be looking forward to it. lol its been mild for a couple years up there!

Stay safe guys.This could top the Blizzard of 1978.

Good luck to all. Do not do anything to put yourself at risk. As the old saying goes


The snow is coming down pretty good now. This should be a good one.

I am snowed in. Its a beer day

Thanks all, its coming down, not much accumulation yet, maybe less than an inch, but we could get feet, in a hurry. I did an inspection this morning and have amassed a pile of fire wood by my wood burning stove and will hunker down for the duration.

Yep… just checking weather and saw the headlines for the North East… be safe up there!

We’re getting hammered here, 2 hours north of Toronto.

Damn, I hate walking roofs in a blizzard, where’s Charlie!!!

Stay safe and keep the generators gassed up & ready to go just in case. I’m hearing that there may be hurricane force winds along with the massive snow dump.

We’ve got about an inch of fluffy powder here in Bangor, ME and the sun is trying to burn through!

Snowing pretty hard in upstate NY now. I was in college in Buffalo for the big blizzard of 1977. It was so bad we almost ran out of beer at one point. Too terrible to think about!

Here is what Gerald is getting at the east end of Lake Ontaio .
About 6 more hours of this and it should be over .
Hang tight Marcel it coming your way all the best… Roy


At least it’s only snowing/covering on one side. :mrgreen:

That helps :wink:

Spiderman on the way Bro no hill for a high stepper:D

not sure what the official snow fall here was, but about 2 feet. It drifts, and naturally my driveway was above my waist.

heavy and crappy. I have an inspection tomorrow morning and I’m waiting to see if we can access the house and to see if we have power, lots of folks still without.

We made it with only a loss of power for a couple hours.

Mike, just talked to my Brother in Cranston, and he told me the same thing.
He had just finished shoveling his car out, but the streets are still not plowed out.
He lives right off I-10 at Washington street. :slight_smile:

many streets in providence still require 4wd, i inspected a home Monday the REA and client parked a block away. So much for considering a smaller vehicle.