Great ideas for Home & Commercial Inspectors

I have a great idea, but need help from other members.

Anyone remember when this message board used to be very helpful?..both to new inspectors and inspectors who have been in business for a long time.

If you’re new to INACHI you certainly will not know how this message board used too be a couple years ago without going back in the archives too find helpful posts.

Personally I miss the way the INACHI message board used to be, of course there were some crazy posts, but nothing in comparison too what has been going on here in the last year or longer now.

Think we could change the way things are going here and make this a useful message board again? new marketing ideas, post experiences we have had at an inspection and try to make something positive from it so someone could learn something useful by reading it, and experienced inspectors responding with useful thoughts, everybody helping each other?

I remember when I used to really enjoy coming back from an inspection and post something I found, share it with the group here, and receive responses from inspectors regarding what their thoughts were, like a structural failure, or stucco and flashing not installed correctly, things like that, I usually learned something from the responses from the posts.

Anyway, I was really wondering if we could all get together as intelligent individuals and inspectors, start posting useful things on this message board again which will help each other in one way or another become better inspectors, or learn something from it.

So if anyone wants to help me, please do. I will try to post something everyday which will help somebody in one way or another, and hopefully I will receive responses from others so I will also learn something too.


I am in full agreement with you!

I applaud you for taking “The first step”.:stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the Good Work!:nachi: :nachi: :nachi:

Thanks Frank,…since I really do have have any reason to belong to INACHI except for the message board because I live in a licensed state, I do not need to be certified by INACHI, I’m certified by the state of Arizona which requires me to do the same thing as INACHI except the continued education which is provided here, which is by far the best available anywhere, but once you take the courses, well its over with.

So if we all try to post something everyday which will help one person learn something which will benefit his skills either in marketing, report writing, what was found at an inspection and receive positive feedback so we learn something from it, anything except arguing back and forth would be so great for everyone.

Personally I really miss the way this association used too be, so I will try my best too make it a positive association too belong to again.

OK…this should be in the “Plumbing Section” but really what does it matter, I would like some ideas about what other inspectors do when they find PB Pipe in a building besides tell the client the history behind the pipe, etc.

Does anyone have a list of contractors who they can trust?..this particular instance a licensed plumber(s) to give to the client instead of just saying in the report they recommend further evaluation of the PB Pipe from a licensed plumber.

I have found there is quite a difference in price to replace PB in buildings from different plumbing companies, I have not been able to find a trustworthy plumbing company in Phoenix who will not try to rip a person off…but hopefully I will find that company soon.

Anyone else give their clients a list of licensed contractors they have had personal experience with which in your opinion does a good job at a reasonable price?


In the picture you show those are the copper fittings…far less concern for them than other types of fittings. I would never recommend a particular contractor for a PB retrofit. I tell the client GET at least 3 quotes and ask for a referral from a home that was PB retrofitted by the plumber.


So you do not have a list of contractors you can trust Curt, OK, I understand, just wondering if anyone else does besides me.

I have many, but no plumbers, cannot find a few which do not rip people off, but I will find some sooner or later.



I do but not for a PB retrofit…lots of issues and I don’t feel comforatble telling someone use “this guy” or “that Guy” for PB. Other stuff I don’t mind but PB I stay away from.


I think I understand, but not completely I guess, with regard to retrofitting PB Pipe, I was kind of thinking about just replacing all the pipe, regardless of what kind it is, I have also seen real old Copper Pipe with lots of tiny pin-holes developing in the pipe (just beginning to leak), it needed to be replaced also, a trustworthy plumbing company is hard to find here for some reason…:frowning:

Must be a plumber thing…I can’t find one either.



Delta Plumbing?

These guys?

You ever use them personally?

If so, and they are good…thank you!!

Finding a honest plumber is like finding a honest politician. I don’t know of one in Florida.

Also I would love to see helpful information on here. I am new at this. I have 24 years in remodeling but new to home inspections and this message board reminds me of being on job with the guys, just a lot of BS going on

Ahhh…Funny but very TRUE Joanna…!!

Hopefully with some help from all the members this message board will be the useful tool it used to be, I hope anyway or I will be leaving INACHI also, so I will do my best to help make it the best Inspection message board it was at one time.

As a member of a local BNI chapter, we have a plumber that I regularly refer, in the event his services are needed.
I have not been sorry yet, and the feedback the plumber gets in the BNI group has been nothing short of positive, too.
So far, so good…

And I’m DEFINATELY in agreement with you, and I’ve found the NACHI message board of immense value.
Thank you for all you do Dale,

Ahh…Steve…that would be a GOOD idea to belong to a networking group, I wish there were 30+ hours in a day…!!!

But maybe I should make the time since I have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding belonging to such groups, I have been asked in the past but never had the time to go to a meeting, probably would be a big plus if I did.

Thanks Steve…!!

While I don’t have any plumbing contractors either, my clients often find just as much help by me advising them to beware of certain ones I know are “less than upstanding”.

If I can help them stay away from a bad experience, they often feel that is just as much help or better.

By the way Dale,

Thanks for leading in the right direction.
I remember the good old days as well.:slight_smile:

I am slowly building a list (since I’ve only lived here for < 2 years). I do a lot of draw inspections and deal with builders all the time it seems. I’ve gotten to the point that I personally know several of them and have picked their brains for subs. But even still, they have troubles finding the “golden” sub that actually does what they need to do, and on time for a fair price.

One of my current draws is a remodel in the historic part of Atlanta, it’s just 2 brothers that strictly deal with historic remodels. I realized that these 2 guys deal with their subs much more closely than a builder does. So I’m slowly building the relationship with them.

I’d like to be able to get at the point of having a “sub” team that I can call especially for commerical inspections, as you do. I’m slowly getting there. :slight_smile:

The link above takes you to the article on the last home they did. Watch the videos and read the story, it’s pretty interesting. These guys have also done some shows for HGTV. Pretty good guys! It’s amazing they don’t do any advertising or marketing, it’s all referral and they have one helper that works with them.

Way to go Dale. :cool:

I am here for all, and willing to help. :smiley:
I am at your service. :wink:

Good going Dale.

Key word of the Day “SPIRIT”

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: