Great Scheduling/Calendar setup

Here is a pretty cool tip that I stumbled on today.

I have been using ISN for about a year now and I have also been using Cozi to manage my schedule. I keep busy with Inspections and I am also a project manager for a large electrical company. Needless to say I have a lot of appointments and meetings to juggle.

Just today I took a minute to look deeper at the ISN calendar as I have been manually transcribing my appointments between applications. Lo and behold ISN uses iCal to export data! Now I have a Cozi widget on my phone home screen and when an inspection is booked it is automatically populated to my calendar with time, address, contacts, and cost. I have not figured how to set reminders but I am constantly looking at my schedule so not a big deal. The Cozi app also allows my wife and Nanny to see my schedule in real time so they know where I am and when to expect me (maybe that is not a positive to everyone).

ISN is amazing as always.
Cozi integrates very well with ISN:
Using the two apps I can now manage my schedule even more efficiently.

How is everyone else managing their schedule? Anyone using a similar setup with different apps? Cozi costs a few dollars per year but I feel it is worth it.

Cool tip.

I got ISN a few weeks ago but haven’t populated it yet. I may just cancel actually as I don’t think I’ll use most of its features.

Tough call as I also bought HIP 2 years ago and it intergrates with ISN but I’ve only used HIP once.

My problem is I do 3 different jobs including plan review, 203K consultanting and home inspections.

I am checking out Cosi though.

I use google Calender for my scheduling and daily agenda. I love how ISN integrates with it. Without google, I would be lost.

I just sync ISN my google calendar.

Then I can see all inspections with whatever else I have going, and my wife knows where I am and when I’ll be home for dinner.