Green on the Roof

Check this out.

Has anyone come across one of these yet.

That would be and exceptional challenge to inspect.

Where do you start?

The flowers and grass has dried up, so that would be an indication that the roof is leaking. EX. ha. ha. :):wink:

"Provides a peaceful atmosphere and peace of mind. Because the system begins with MM6125® waterproofing, a seamless hot rubberized asphalt with over 30 years of success, you know the roof is watertight."

Here you go, let us know how it went, Marcel! :mrgreen::shock:

From the Green Building course…

…and has proposed the following Standards:

  • WK575 Practice for Assessment of Green Roofs
  • WK14283 Green Roof Systems

Sources for More Information

Thanks Kenton;

Hey, so you think I would remember everything I read in your course?:wink:

Good information for all though and this is what it is all about right?

Green is in the future, so we might as well start now.

I see ASTM is still working on that information links you provided, so that must mean Green is New.

Thanks for the info Ken

Marcel :):smiley:

I can’t remember it all either, Marcel. Most, but not all.
I actually went back there looking for a method I ran across while doing the green roof section. It was an electronic method for testing large rubber membranes for continuity (leaks, holes, etc.), but I didn’t include it in the course because the equipment was so specialized and expensive. It was interesting, but I’ve forgotten what it’s called and couldn’t find it with google.

No problem Kenton, always a pleasure to see the information you put out for all of us.

Thank you for all your help.

Marcel :):smiley:

Or they didn’t water during the foreclosure process or current owner didn’t pay their water bill …:frowning:

Are you referring to EFVM?

EFVM , yep, that’s it! Good on you!

You know Barry, summer’s only two weeks long up in Maine. I thinks that’s what happened to the flowers.

With the rising price of food, has anybody seen vegetables such as corn or tomatoes, or even maybe some livestock grazing on a green roof? :smiley:

The goats on the roof are probably the most famous animals in the world. Each year millions and millions of people take pictures of our little friends who don’t mind posing occasionally. It may cost you carrot or an ice cream cone but I’m sure you won’t mind. :mrgreen:

John Kogel

I like all green roofs. Especially the one’s that are built by mother nature.

How about this green roof I inspected a while back…

Nice bunch of guys you all are, funny as hell too!

Got to keep the humor in all of this, we get old fast enough as it is.


Marcel :):wink:

David, all it needs is fingernail marks leading from the peak to the edge of the eve and a dented gutter. :|.)


Don’t get me going. I’m very good with editing images…