Ground Pin Up

I think there is a much simpler solution here. Don’t use metal face plates. LOL

I’m not disagreeing with You there, everybody gets in a hurry, just a good lesson for all if You have a loose metal cover leave You tester in Your pocket and push the test button…

I was not in a hurry, just didn’t expect to the cover to have both screws missing and to drop.

And not every receptacle have a test button…

Who said I was in a hurry? I must need more training…

Does every receptacle have test button in your area?

From what I remember, hospitals and institutions require the ground slot be alignment facing up with the hot and neutral below due to the fact that hospitals and institutions use metal outlet/receptacle plates on switches and outlets.

Recommend plastic cover plates.

The one in Your picture did was the reason for my reply if You are just looking to be a jack azz You can continue on Your own I’m done wasting time with this…carry on…

Just my opinion but if hospitals have metal face plates falling off then they have bigger problems than ground up or ground down. :roll:

So the lesson would be: if the faceplate is not secure, hold it in place or remove it to do your testing. Then write it up as a defect, particularly if it’s conductive. All faceplates are required to be secured, if not it’s a defect. Outlets are not required to be installed ground-up. I think you cited the wrong issue.


Chuck, or anyone else for that matter, do you check for missing screw (s) holding cover plates before you insert your tester in receptacles?

Me think not! James seems to be the exception…

If the cover is in place/or not, the tester goes in.

I know that receptacles are not required to be ground pin up, but I was simply making a point that it would be safer if it was, in some situations.

LOL…I shall not comment on this one.

Ground Plug Up…Down…Sideways…It’s all GOOD!

Oh wait…I did…hmmmmm

Why yes. As a matter of fact, I do. If it’s not secure, it’s deficient. If it’s a metal cover and it’s not secure, I’m either removing it or holding it in place while I test the outlet. The potential results of not doing so seem self-evident. I’m treating it the same ground-up or ground down.