Has HIP Mobile Always required the cloud service?

I purchased HIP Mobile a few years ago but I never got around to setting it up. I’m looking into setting it up now but apparently it does not work without the cloud service which is an extra cost.

Just wondering if it has always been this way or if there is a way to use HIP Mobile without paying for the cloud service.

Cheers guys

No. The cloud is needed for conversion of the program.

There will probably be some integration with the new office management program that will be rolled out in the new future. It might be taking the place of the cloud.

Yes, it’s been required from the day it was released. This is on our pricing page and all over the website.

We use Amazons AND Google servers to create our “cloud.” We have to pay them for the servers to convert data from desktop to mobile formats and back. We pay them every time you or a client uploads a file and for every day your files are stored. We also don’t charge updates for the mobile software. The Cloud fee helps cover all these costs (some inspectors actually use it so much we lose money on it).

The time saved using mobile on just one inspection more than covers the cost of the cloud service.

^ This.