Who is the best inspector?

Just kidding. This has nothing to do with the best inspector. I knew you guys would read it though :slight_smile:

Make as many comments about these photos as you can.

Nice photos, what camera are you using?:stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I know! They aren’t the best. This place had a lot of issues. My camera died so I had to resort to my phone! It wasn’t that android camera :wink:

Is that why no one wants to comment?

All I see is some kind of wood lintel siting on CMU and floppy plywood hanging from a ceiling with blurry pics Juan.
Is there a question in here ?

I am sure someone will now jump up and prove their superior intellect…:slight_smile:
Hope this helps.LOL

In the first photo the wood header is just bearing on the window. There are no cripple studs above it. Even if there were, I don’t think its just supported properly. There are no cripple studs above the door either. The top plate appears to be sagging a due to the lack of cripple studs.

I just want other people to chime in. LOL I thought about asking a direct question but I figured people would completely analyze the photo and comment on things I didn’t ask about any way haha.

Aside from the obvious framing problems, in the first photo, if the vertical masonry joints to the left of the window are perpendicular to the ceiling and floor, then that window is tilted to the left.

A garage or shed with single glazing windows/dbl. hung with header above window and door bearing on CMU.
No cripples required for filler above the units.

Old and Sh&@ty installation. :mrgreen::slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t the cripples be required? The top plate is holding up the trusses.


Let me label it

Sure, I was not there. :wink:

Crappy pic too

There is nothing above the header.


If you say so, but what is that, plywood on the outside.?

Do you have an exterior Pic.?

You see those brown decorative pieces? That is what is on the outside.

So what was that header of the sort bearing on the masonry I pointed out?


The header that you are pointing at in the photo you labeled is just empty space. I am not sure I understood your question correctly.

Yes, there is empty space as you note Juan, but that appears to be a 8" CMU and looks like they have some sort of header there, that is bearing on the masonry that is racked back 8" on each side of the opening.
That is what I am calling the make shift header. :slight_smile:

I accidentally referred to that as a lintel earlier.
Always thinking exterior issues recently.