Heating & cooling commercial building leaky basement, you wanna install INT system here too?

here’s 2 photos of the inside of basement wall where they leaked, seeped along the bottom of foundation wall/floor, do you see any openings in F wall, any holes etc? lol no, but BUbba say yet again, just because YOU don’t see any cracks etc on the inside of foundation wall NEVER means there aren’t 1 or more exterior cracks, holes etc in wall

let’s go OUTSIDE n take a PEEK, okay? lol

through any n all of these exterior openings is where the water FIRST entered

Oh looookie, Bubbamilk made a hydraulic cement breast, got milk?

almost done

ut it’s whiskey train time, bye!

ain’t gonna ride that whiskey train
ain’t gonna burn up no more flame
throw away my bottle down the drain

got whiskey?

Clean job, as usual, Mark. :smile:

thanks Larry, just another job, another clean up, you know… by the way, in all the videos n photos posted have YOU seen how so much stuff gets RUINED by us? Omg it’s terrible isn’t it, yeah sure INT system chumps, we wreck all kinds of shtt