How would installing an INT basement drainage system and 69 sump pumps stop further water from entering

sheesh, St Clair Shores, leaky basement, back wall and corner with a DECK lol

see deck remnants? lol pain in azz trying to save ya some money

corner crack eh, yes water goes in through these, any n all these and it will then most often come out in the basement on the floor at-near where the bottom of foundation wall meets the floor!

horizontal crack, NOT a little shtt either, wall is bowed in

another vertical

the basement leaked, seeped, because there were exterior cracks in the block wall, had NOTHING to do with a need for NEW DRAIN TILES pft lololollll or ‘added, better drainage’, this is total nonsense and incompetence

There is your problem…you needed 70 pumps…sheesh! :rofl: :joy:

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lolol 77 sump pumps Larry, how ya doing man?

Trying to get our grand-daughters on their feet since my daughter passed several months ago.

I hope you and yours are doing GREAT! :smile:

yeah Larry, very sorry to have heard that, man, such a damn shame, am sorry. Yep so G-Daddy gotta get those kids in order!

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Thanks, Mark. We’ll get 'em there one way or another. :smile: