Help InterNACHI girls get to miami!

It’s 20 degrees here in Boulder and Nick is going on a business trip to MIAMI! Who thinks he should take the InterNACHI girls? Please post so we can convince Nick to get us out of this snow and into some sun! :wink:
Left to Right: Claire Jackson, Lisa Endza, Paige Peters, Vega

OK, I’ll be the first.

PLEASE take the girls for at least a couple of days of sun. A few Disney World tickets whould also be nice.

Happy office staff (especially when they have noce tans) are productive office staff.

Hope this helps;

Thanks WIll!

Take them with you Nick.
A happy office is a productive office:D

Hello Girls, I would think would be a great benefit to Nick to have you there to help keep him in line and keep up with everything he will be doing. I would check the weather though I was there just last January when it was 17deg with a high of 27 not much tanning going on then, Good luck.

If he doesn’t take you who is going to watch out for him?

Exactly :cool: Someone has to keep him in line!

I second the nomination!


I recommend you run a raffle or pick an NACHI TV video / mall item and run a short promotion that donates a portion of all proceeds to the cause. Of course, if you use an educational course, you’ll have to bring Ben too : )

Florida is beautiful this time of year…com’on down!

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Take me. I am tired of cold and snow.

Nick…Do you really want to go back home to an office full of unhappy campers?!!

I for one, most certainly believe The NACHI girls all deserve a trip to Miami. They have earned it.

Nick, do the right thing and make these ladies happy. Take them to Miami.

PS. I also would be more than happy to offer my services as the NACHI girls personal choufour. :smiley: No charge & I’ll buy the gas. :smiley:

For as much as they do for us - a few days in Miami wuold be well deserved.

How would you expect Nick to get any work done with 4 beautiful women half dressed!!

You are supposed to helping the cause! :slight_smile:

How about if an Inachi member goes and chaperoned the 4 Beautiful half clothed women and this way Nick can do his work.

If this is the case then I vote for taking the 4 beautiful half dressed women.

By the way how does Nick get any work done at the office with 4 beautiful full dressed women?

Take em Nick

Any members of the Southeast Florida InterNACHI chapter? We could hold an impromptu meeting! If we can establish a legitimate work-related purpose as to why we need to be in Miami are chances are much greater!

Life is short, take the NACHI Girlz & run. :wink:

A little Miami Music to help. :smiley:

Imagine what taking the NACHI girls would do for Nicks rep.
Hugh Hefner only has 3 GF’s .

I say if you guys do not get a break we should organize a walkout.
We will call it the Mike Larson organized labor walkout.

Mike would like that.


Please go to Miami by yourself and send the girls to me. :mrgreen:

I guess that probably won’t work. OK… Take the girls.