Hey homeless: Go to Los Angeles and stay in a 5-star hotel for free

Are Californian’s nuts or what? Vote To Compel Hotels To House Homeless People Alongside Guests Set By Los Angeles City Council

LOL. I hope it passes. This is going to be ridiculous.



Does this mean that our hotel bills for the the up coming conference are free…

Keep the Faith,



My parents bought a track house in New Jersey sometime in the late 40’s for about 5K, the house I grew up in. When they sold in the mid 70’s the price was 10K. It was a time when homes were considered dwellings as opposed to ‘investments’. As long as home prices are expected to keep pace with other indexed investments and the government hands large tax benefits to the rich the plight of homelessness will grow, simple Economics 101. But in this particular case regarding hotels, it’s just political noise in an election year… a Band-Aid for the plague.

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Hotels might as well go ahead and hand over the keys to the state. These properties will be vacant of any paying customers soon.

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