Hey Paul, Why so expensive

[FONT=Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][size=2][FONT=Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]DATE: Friday, February 23rd, 2007
TIME: 7:30 am Registration / 8 am to 5 pm Training
LOCATION: Courtyard Nashville Airport
CITY: Nashville, TN
[To Learn More](javascript:ol(‘http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t%3Dwdzgr9bab.0.oxphr9bab.rid4hvbab.7901%26ts%3DS0222%26p%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fnachice.com%2Fpage%2F963113’):wink: [/size]

[FONT=Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Early Bird Registration fee is $149.00 Save $50.00 when you register before February 2nd, 2007! Go to the NCE website](javascript:ol(‘http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t%3Dwdzgr9bab.0.vohul9bab.rid4hvbab.7901%26ts%3DS0222%26p%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.nachice.com’):wink: to see more details / deals - a current listing of all scheduled seminars is listed for your convenience!


Tom Rausch NACHI Certified Education - “Learn it Once, Learn it Right”

You had better be REAL good for that price.

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Because I am real good…this is the problem with Chapter Events…people get spoiled in the past and NICK ends up picking up the TAB for everything…in order to make it work you have to pay so that educators can get paid, seminar events locations can get paid for, food at the event can get paid for, the organizer can get paid for their time…flights have to be paid for, hotel rooms have to be paid for…

Do you realize the value…if you are lost to electrical lets say…in 8 hours you will be LESS lost…or you can fumble around for 2-3 years to learn the items needed to NOT make a mistake.

Why not browse around and see that MANY other organizations charge between $895.00 and up for 2 day sessions…and even more for less information.

Why do you charge 250.00 to 300.00 for an inspection…why not charge less…are you WORTH $ 250.00 or 300.00…or more…

As with my classes…if you already KNOW it all…dont attend as I have nothing to teach you…but if you want to know electrical issued better, be able to ask questions and get answers, understand the basics of electrical applications as it pertains to the inspection industry…and get a good value for the dollar in education and CE credits for NACHI and other orgs…then you will attend…

We do not twist anyones arm…I say view my educational information I have posted on the boards, read the posts and go back a bit in my post history…if you determine I am full of BS and do not know what I am speaking about then by all means please do not attend the seminars…that actually goes for anyone as each seminar has gotten better and better and I ensure you enjoy it…I make it FUN…but for someone like Mr. Pope lets say…might be a waste of his money because the man is SPOT ON…it would probably bore him to death but I guarantee he would learn something as anyone else would…

Hope this helps…again…I do not consider myself a “Vendor”…I offer education and agreed to speak for Mr. Raush around the country and bring my flavor of training…in the end if $ 149.00 breaks your bank account…I would not attend…and just post questions on here…either way I answer questions…:slight_smile:

Also…look around…Mold 2 day classes for $ 395.00, and so on…8 hours of electrical awareness and down to earth training, buffet lunch provided, free give-a-ways and the chance to MEET me and LOVE me…Priceless !

BTW…Putting 45-50 people in a room is agreesive…chances are in many venues that would be pushing it because from what I have seen it is tough for chapters to get 45-50 people at a meeting much less an 8 hour training event but Tom has a vision…he has passion and wants to make it great…is their a hope for a profit…sure…these things take time out of ones life…someone has every right to profit from it…instead of NICK and NACHI losing money from it.

NICK is very focused on education…I gather that alot…but have no noticed the risk and reward policy…while education is good…NACHI should not have to fit the bill for this…chapters that hold educational events should charge for the event and keep chapter meetings just that…chapter meetings…the only thing NCE is doing is providing an outlet for education and while I do not agree in the name…I would like to see more NACHI, ASHI and NAHI guys attend…open it up in the spirit of good will…and so on…but again I am simply an educator…

Keep up the good work, Paul.

I look forward to catching one of your classes when nearer. :wink:

Thanks Larry…hope we or I can bring one your way…

I think you should raise your prices, as we all should! :slight_smile:

One thing to consider, is that in this perticular case Paul makes himself available to us all and is just a phone call away. What more could you expect from tech support? I have spent HOURS on the phone with Paul in the past covering issues of voltage drop in 7k sf houses with insufficient number of sub-panels and undersized service equipment (new construction). Who paid him for this help?

Due to the information provided, I was able to get the locals to work through the problems and actually fix these problems. ALSO, I received three other 7k sf (+) inspections because of what I provided to the client who spread the word through his corporation!

It’s nice to get a great deal through NACHI, especially when your cash flow is down when your starting out (which is when you need the educational help). However, like all good deals offered by any professional, there is limitations to what you get and followup training is required. I would hope that Paul will be telling us more than where the black/white/copper wires go on an electrical outlet!

JMP (just my perspective).

Ben, I’m not messing with you here. The fees are substantial and warrant careful consideration. I just want to express that in this case it may be well worth it !??

As Paul posted, “Mold 2 day classes for $ 395.00”.
I think personally, that Electrical issues have a far greater impact on the safety and protection or your clients investment than “Mold”.
The mold issue is related to several deficiencies (which should have been addressed before the mold). Contractors and lawyers are getting rich on this band wagon. As a matter of fact, they should be providing the training for free, as the only recourse is to purchase test equipment, lab work and mitigation through YOU!

Paul, Please post your Nashville information to this thread so it can be referenced here.




Have you also figured what it costs to FEED someone like me…now their goes the budget right their…

And pay for those Golf outings with stars like…" "…:wink:

lol…man atleast you did not post the picture this time Dale…

Yeah…I like golf but the sad thing is when I so these speaking gigs…I dont get to bring my clubs…sigh****

All work and no play…makes for a grumpy electrical speaker…AFTER the seminar…:slight_smile:

Well if you hadn’t cancelled your gig here, I could of taken you to the Scottsdale Tournament Players Club…:smiley:

Oh and by the way, your prices are way to cheap…:smiley:

At least if I paid for a class here, I’d win the money back on the (green) course…:-({|=

You know David this may sound corny…but I am sitting here awiting a helper to come to work so I can leave and I read your post…now others can make a joke here but this is a single time I am VERY serious…so please if anyone reads this…this is from my heart…

1.) As an educator I ( as many of you do ) give alot of time trying to help teach people…we have some GREAT people here in regards to educators like Joe T, Greg, Peter, Gerry and so many others…I am sure I will leave some out…it is not on purpose…I just really have to run…BUT…

What warms my heart and makes me know it is all worth it is to hear something like that from David…it means that my posts mean something and my time is not wasted on the people who wish to do nothing but stir up needless debate over an issue…I wont be right all the time…I wont agree with others all the time as well…but it really does make a guy feel good when someone actually says they learned something or gained something from anything I might have said or given advice on.

Thank you David…you did not have to post that…and you did and I want to let you know it has given me a great feeling to know I helped as you know my phone is always open…and I will always do my best to give you and others advice.

As for the fee’s…I am very transparent in that I get paid when I speak…I will never do it otherwise…as you all get paid for your inspections…it is all business and I offer something directly to the guys and get paid for it…but trust me…I dont get the fee’s directly…too many expenses that go into these events that are paid by others…I only get a speaking fee and expenses paid.

so as usual in my long winded way…thanks David for that, I also got an email on how my class probably saved a guys life and that also warmed my heart…maybe I am just getting to freakin SOFT…ok Dale…post that picture again…:slight_smile:

Aww…see now those are fightin words now…you can BET if we get something going in your area…I am taking an extra personal day and bring the clubs fella…sounds like you need a SPANKIN on the course…

heck get 30 guys together and call me…I will come out and train and play…lol…

but we shall meet one day fella…and my massive 300+ drives will send you packing…oh wait…the air is lighter their…my 400+ yard drives:)

Well you go ahead and have your fun…does not bother me…but I do have to say…it is rather sad that you would feel the need to…but even the kindest of hearts can be blackened by your message…so post away…but I would not call it dedicated…I would call it a cry for help…:slight_smile:

Get hit with 230 KV yesterday?..:smiley:

Your mind ain’t right…:smiley:

Oh bring it on Dale…I will keep my swing primed and my mind focused until we meet on the links fella…ahhhh helper is here…off I go to work…

Oh…my disadvantage…it’s COLD here now…no playing for me unless it is above 45 degree’s…but then again…my game is SOLID…:slight_smile:

Paul, now I’ve seen people brag about their length, but I don’t think that 100 yards up, 100 yards down and 100 yards to the right count as a 300 yard drive…:mrgreen:

It can cost a lot to feed Paul, especially if you don’t check the prices first.

But he was generous and split the bill on this one.


lol…ahh my friend Jay…most excellent evening with you at the buckhorn …hope to do it again VERY soon…if nick gets me back out to Denver for the ole’ NACHI TV…we have to get together for a bite to eat.

As for Stephen…man you are brutal on a guy fella…lol

I hear ya brother…now I am good at (3) things…1.) Electrical & Inspections 2.) being a good father and 3.) GOLF