Hiring inspectors in Tampa Bay

Why is he a bottom feeder? To me, bottom feeding are people who cut corners and perform inferior work, for an extremely low price. Has anyone seen his work? I haven’t. So is he wrong?

I am not saying it is my business model or that I agree with it. But it seems that he has more work than he can handle or he is trying to do less and have other pick up the work.

I have no idea. What I do know is that these companies tend to strive in the good markets that we have right now. Because they are cheap, people like cheap. But as with every single one of these companies, they tend to get lost and end up losing their market share. Haven’t we seen this time and again?

I get much of my business because they know year after year we are going to be there and we answer our phones. It isn’t price, it is good service at a reasonable rate.

I don’t know about you guys but my #1 problem in the inspections is not the inspections or anything else, it is the wind mitigation reports and explaining it to EVERYONE, to include both agents, the buyers, the seller and the insurance agent.

When the people call and the guy and they are sending out 34 emails explaining the wind mitigation and WHY it is what it is, for their cut of $20. How long do you think this company will last and how long can they retain employees?

To me it is a testament of why NOT to hire these companies. Explain it to people, smart ones understand and those are the ones you want for clients. The ones who price shop you to death, are the ones who will never stop wanting more and more for nothing. Are these the clients YOU want? I love these companies, it takes away the idiots in the world and allows those who are willing to pay for quality to seek me out.

Embrace them, and let them bury themselves.

That is a good way to look at it Russell but he is targeting someone like me and I found it a little insulting. I will not work for next to nothing but maybe there is people that will.

And I think it’s very Hypocritical of you to from one side of your mouth Criticize someone for having their prices at what “you” consider too low and from the other side “champion” someones cause who has low pricing on their webpage.

Be more consistent in your train of thought…


There’s nothing wrong with my pricing. Inside the area I work there are way too many who’s pricing is lower. My price point for where I operate is where it needs to be. I stay busy and do very well. I’m not overly concerned with national averages. In as much as a “whopper” costs more inside of Miami Lakes than in Little River, all businesses adjust their pricing with regards to where their geographical territory is. You’re a roofer from Broward or something like that aren’t you? You should know this already. Then again, maybe not.


What you don’t take into consideration is that if you’re already at the property and doing a general property inspection and charge $100.00 to add on a wind mitigation inspection, you are actually doing quite well expense wise. I agree to travel to and from for only that is too low. But, there are some here who actually give them away with a general property inspection. That’s their choice to do so.


I was out advertising and went into an insurance agency in Venice. They asked me how much I charge for a WM. And how much for a 4 Point? How about both together? If I told her $125 each I would never hear a word from that agency. She said, our inspectors do both for $100. No thanks! Not all work is good work. Regardless of what I charge, the people winning these customers are lowering the bottom.

Agreed. I’ve turned down my fair share as well. And then again, I’ve had the 90 year old man or the single mother of 4 and have done them for near free or even free. Those have been few though, but, I’ve never regretted doing them.

The problem is that not everyone is either able to turn down work or willing to. To each his own. Everyone has to decide what they’re doing with their own business.