Home Advisor Pro

Has anyone heard of Home Advisor Pro and does anyone know if they produce leeds?

If you search Service Magic or Home Advisor Pro on the forum you will find numerous threads.

Many have used it with success, others haven’t tried it but will tell you it doesn’t work, and some have tried it with no success.

For the money it may be something you want to try to see if it works for you. If you get are successful you will meet clients and Realtors that can be the start of your referral base.

Good luck!

Yes, I use it. I do both home inspection and mold testing and remediation. I get a ton of leads from it. You have to be ready for it, as they do charge you per lead. I get a lot of tire kickers, but have hit some big jobs as well. I use it as a filler basically. However, we have been so busy that I have shut it off a few times as I can’t follow up and don’t want to pay for the lead. You will be competing against others, so call back or respond right away. It isn’t really expensive and will also help with you internet position. Lot more positive than negative.

Isn’t the going rate per lead like $12 per person and I’ve been on the site before for repair work and I get about 3 pages of qualified people. They must be making damn good money if they do get 12 dollars per business per lead. Or does it work another way?