Using Home Advisor

I recently signed up with home advisor and have not received any leads from them my first week. I was told by the rep that I would receive around 25 leads a month when I signed up. A friend mentioned that I check out the company on I was shocked at all the complaints that were listed about this company despite the friendly commercials, website, and other advertising. Does anyone wish to share any experiences they have had with Home Advisor? Thanks.

I was with Service Magic over 6 years ago - wonder why they changed name…
They would send out BUM leads. For instance a woman who had water coming up from the slab & obviously needed an engineer not a home inspector. “Tire Kickers” that had questions but did not want service, etc.
Then it was like pulling teeth trying to get a credit for the bum lead.
I finally quit with a $90 fake balance. They sent me to a collection agency. I made a complaint with the FTC.
The collection then went away.

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges RICO Violations By IAC/InteractiveCorp (NASDAQ: IAC) and HomeAdvisor
You may want to check this out. You are given the lead and then decide if you want to pursue it & be charged.](


They called me again last week. I get a call a week from them. Told them I did not pay for leads and would wait for the resolution to the class action law suit before I would talk to them. They hung up on me without a word.

I just cancelled my Home Advisor account after a year of trialing the service. After doing the math on the ROI I made exactly $53.00. Most people using that service, in my experience anyway, are only looking for quotes. Unfortunately, for us even the lookerbees cost us money. I have also found that no matter how quickly you call perspective clients back you don’t always get the sale.