Home gauge

Hi! My name is Mark Manrique I just started my training and just was wondering how Home gauge works for others or is there something better?


Works great for me. I have been using Homegauge for over 10 years.

Just downloaded a free trial and take a test drive. You’ll probably fall in love.

Like any software, you’ll have to get familiar with it and that will take some time to make this excellent tool work for you.
I enjoy the versatility and how the program can automate so much to save time in report writing.

Top of the line and excellent service! Great Company.

You posted in the HG forum so do you expect to get balanced information here ?
Now go post the same question in the Home Inspector Pro forum and results will be different.

Funny Bob. Begging might work

Home gauge works great , Been using it for a long time now it just keeps getting better

Is Bob working on commission?

He’s Dom’s pimp. :wink:

HG is great, nothing better(period).

HG has been great, been with them for almost 2 years!

HG is very good. Support services is OUTSTANDING!!!