Mr. Builder calls, is doing some work for a family member, wants estimate

Okay fine, no problem sir lol, i go over and look inside the basement and then outside, I see numerous openings into the house ABOVE grade so I tell him, let’s run a water test with a hose and make sure, see, determine, if you also have 1+ exterior cracks in block wall where water may also be entering, he says ok. I run the water test and in about 10 minutes, water is on the basement floor, at bottom of wall–floor joint
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So now we know there is a TWO part problem where water is entering, 1) below grade through 1+ exterior cracks in block wall and 2) above grade through numerous openings as you see in video

Now he asks, how much $? He says you can leave the dirt, soil on-site, I said okay cool, that’ll save you several hundred, cost/quote from my azz would be $1,000… he begins haggling over that number, says… Oh come on, it doesn’t cost that much etc. I inform him this is how much I would charge, period, am not budging, tell him to call 5–10 others and see what they would charge him, finally he says ok, but he wants it done the next day lol.

I inform him that it’s supposed to rain the next two days hence, I will not leave the house when there’s a chance of rain, he doesn’t like that and tells me he’ll DIY, I said fine, it’s all yours, good luck.

He calls me several weeks later, whatever time elapsed, into the next new year, it had rained after his guys attempted to waterproof that section of wall, it leaked, same area lol

He says please come out and show him the problem(s), I do, I take this video… I run another water-test ground level DOWN, he leaks, I tell him your guys missed something, maybe they didn’t dig it down all the way etc etc, I asked if they backfilled with ALL gravel, he said, no, not all gravel (that’s obvious when you see how much the grade, the soil settled in video where they dug)

I repeat what I explained to him the first time I went over there, he needs exterior waterproofing done and backfilled correctly, just proved that with water test! And, told him he still needs tuckpointing etc ABOVE grade.

This time he says, when can you do it, I reply, sir, all due respect but am not interested, your on your own, find someone else, you had your chance, I offered, you couldn’t wait a few days, thanks bye bye

Then we have some who yap about the ‘PITCH’ of concrete slabs, that somehow the pitch of the slabs is the CAUSE of leaky basements, hmmm, really?
Maybe your thinking process needs to take a step forward… such as truly determining, finding how-where the water is really getting in!
Mark Anderson - Mark Anderson posted a video to his timeline.

Eastpointe Michigan, leaky basement, some mold etc inside. Look at the block walls, ‘inspect’ the block walls lol and let me know if you see a horizontal crack or a vertical CORNER crack on the inside.okie dokie.
Mark Anderson - Eastpointe, ok if you watched 1 or both…

SAME house, now outside, see any horizontal or vertical corner cracks?
Yeppers, existing DEFECTS, these cracks are why-wherehow the basement leaks, has mold etc inside, uh huh, yep, lol.
Mark Anderson - Exterior vertical corner crack and a…
So when I am called to peeps homes to see why-where they leak, and sometimes after a home inspector was there who told and wrote up that there were NO basement water issues or no existing problems with foundation wall, I fart lol, yep. NO! I show the homeowner whats up, the seller, the buyer, whoever wants the truth, sheesh.

Please don’t tell me or sellers or buyers that, all they need to do is re------grade, add soil, raise n slope the grade, add 99 mile long downspout extensions and numerous other moron myths.

And some realtors? Wow, some of you folks are lost in space on this subject, DANGER Will Robinson DANGER, OR, could care less about what it is I’m proving to ya’s, whyyyy? because some realtors only give one red white n blue American **** that they hurry up n sell the house so they can gran their stinky commission… it’s stinky IF this is how your melon works got dat?