Home Inspector Pro 4.5.3 for Windows is Live!

That is my point. You are manipulating it with no knowledge. It is automatically placed where it needs to be. Dom or Dan most likely will help you.

Up and running. Just did a test run to ensure everything is working.

Your guy did exactly what I did and then had to redo it, I knew I did not rename something, I just didn’t erase the new name it prompted. :roll::wink:

Anyway as always THANK YOU Dom and crew.

I know better than that please give me some credit. :wink:
That is why I didn’t rename anything and it didn’t go where it needs to be, I just hit install and this is what happened.
No matter it took support twice to get it (he did exactly what I did) so I don’t feel so bad.

That means that it got the install directory from a previous installation. That’s what our guys are there for! Glad you got it up and running.

Ken I was pointing out you had renamed the original file “New HIP” .
That signaled me you had altered the file in some way .

Glad it is working so “No worries”

That must be it, the ORIGINAL older file name was changed.

I am glad it’s working now.

Thanks Bob

Thanks Dom, your service ROCKS

4.5.4 has been uploaded to help get DOE upload to work if firewalls are blocking ports.

How about adding a “next tab” button above the “black” and “red” buttons, which would advance you to the next tab in that area? Also how about a third color button in between the black and red buttons?

Why would you want a 4th item category section ?

You can add unlimited colors. The black/red really is to help designate summary/not summary. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKvScU55X64

I assumed he knew that and simply wants a fourth section for some reason.

Heck I save Black for material comments meaning Blue section not black ] is used for soft issues or tips and url links,etc.

Trying to figure how a next tab button would help.Needed in Photos perhaps but in comments you are not always going tab> tab especially in mobile as not all tabs apply.

Also how about a “ghost note” option, which could be used to load an item into the captions area but not show up in the report body. For instance, a long explanation of GFCI protection goes into the report and a “ghost note” that “Outlet not GFCI protected” loads into the captions area.

Already done, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR3i-ejckUw

Samuel you can preload captions right now. caption ] into the dropdowns.

Thanks found it.

if you need any help just give me a call.

I am not an experienced HIP user and still use Report Host but I thought it would be good to get it running as I have inspections on Saturday and Monday and would like to try writing a report on HIP. I have to date done only one report with HIP so I thought I would start learning HIP this week as I had a couple of cancellations and am caught up.

I am ready to get my DOE cert So I downloaded HIP 4.5 today and the program says HIP 4. Should it say HIP 4.5?

Paul, the exact version is listed under the About - About menu. The startup screen only says Home Inspector Pro 4.

Thanks Dominic, it says 4.5.4

I’m off to You Tube now to watch the HIP videos.