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Homeinspectorpro.com on their message boards?

Ohhhhhh no. I guess I didn’t realize they had a forum on their website. Good to know, thanks.

Yeah, plus live support chat.

I’ll play around and see what I can figure out for ya on mine.

You’re not alone, there is no publicly available modern, mobile friendly, software that can do clean, well formatted, custom reports. Not yet, anyway. You either get a good report or a better mobile support, not both. Many, if not most, inspectors tend to slap their reports together and don’t care much for formatting or readability. Who cares as long as people pay :slight_smile:

Choosing Software.
Sorry John, There’s no way around doing your homework if you want to find the software that’s right for you. Follow that link.

Hi John,

Use this software myself, not to many issues and great support when you do have one.

From another “old man” new to the tech side of things.


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I have to disagree with you here Simon.
3D can pretty much be formatted and customized any way you want, mobile or otherwise. I’ve been using it for 17 years and haven’t had an issue with the software in 4 or 5 years now.

As for mobile apps, I agree, they have a long way to go.

I have used and experimented with a number of software platforms over the years, all of them good enough… Aside from the testaments above regarding the features and capabilities of the product etc, the best part of HIP is their customer support. Take it from a 40+ year IT veteran, it is world-class. They provide timely response and effective solutions whenever I have had an issue (and there will be issues with software as always); definitely worth your consideration using their “try before you buy” option.


Do you do onsite reports using 3D mobile inspector?

Their reports are okay, I do like them over others. However! their mobile software is junk, no dynamic comments, not intuitive, very painful to use, too much to desire.

Although I could easily do onsite reports with 3D, I choose not to, and even though I usually take pictures with my phone and auto install them into the line item that I choose before I snap the shot, I still take pictures using my 83X zoom camera, download then add them as needed for clarity or zoom, also many times I add drone shots and I most always add more detailed information, I prefer to do this from my PC after downloading from the cloud. It’s the final product my clients receive and I like to make it a quality product.

Not sure why you think their mobile software is junk, compared to what? I can do anything with 3D mobile and more than anyone can with any other software on the market.

What do you mean by “no dynamic comments”? I can use boiler points, which I do, I can add verbiage using a key pad into any line item, which I do, I can also use voice typing, which I use all the time. With the exception of mental telepathy, I’m not sure it gets anymore “dynamic” than that,

Just as it does with any software, it takes time to learn, but once you have it figured out, it’s a breeze and a pleasure to work with. After 17 years I still do updates about once every other month, in other words, I’m constantly making it better and easier, at least for me, to use.

Dynamic in sense that the software allows you to build custom comments instead of having to add to it by typing it in or using voice input. You don’t do onsite reports because it will produce low quality reports and the biggest reason for this is the software’s limitation. By onsite, I don’t mean 100% finished report, I mean 90-95% complete.

It sounds like you already figured the software out for “your needs”. That’s great, but asking these questions will just have us going in circles, arguing. If you don’t see any improvement potential and what 3D mobile platform lacks… this discussion is of no use. I specifically said there is “no publicly software available”, yet you are starting to get defensive asking what other software is better. They all have bits and pieces, but none of them are a polished intuitive product, including 3D. I can give a list of what would make software much better but that’s of no use. I gave one such item and already there is a defensive arguing that it’s good the way it is :smiley:

Not meaning to argue, just set the record straight.

My reports are usually 98% completed onsite, I spend on average 3.5 hours per inspection and around 15 to 20 minutes finishing the report and sending it out after I download it. If the house is really clean (as in very few defects) it might take me 5 minutes to finish the report.

The software DOES allow me to build custom comments, onsite or at the PC, and save them for future use, one thing it doesn’t do is allow me to color code the font using mobile, I have to do that using “custom form studio” on my PC.

I do have it figured out for my needs, what else is there? :wink:
But like I stated earlier, I’m constantly improving it for better clarity for my clients and speed for me, and as you know, this job is a non-stop learning process, so the more we know, the more we find. :nerd_face:

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Kevin, I’m glad you found that it works for you :slight_smile:

Home Inspector Pro is the best software there is. I have seen others and used others but would not give my clients a report from anything other than Home Inspector Pro.

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That is for sure, Kevin! :smile: