Home Inspectors of America

Has anyone worked with David Knudson and his company. They promise big things but I have not been able to get a call back after signing up - not a good sign.

Wishing everyone a successful May…

Tony Grooms
Trust Construction Services
Blaine, MN 55449

I’ve never heard of him or his company. What did you sign up for? :shock:

I did read something in the forums about Inspectors of America, but don’t,
Remember what it was you should search it in forum

Ask Nick, they’re in his back yard.


I guess as long as you didn’t give them any money, there’s no harm.

Thanks for the feedback, they market home inspections through state specific websites. Forum must work, I got a call from them today, we will see…

Tony Grooms
Trust Construction Services
Blaine, MN 55449


If you go to their website and check under affiliations it states that they are affiliated with InterNachi!:shock:

Tell me Tony Grooms, did it all work out with HIOA? I too was promised big things with them and have yet to recive a call back. Daniel Hendren

Photoinspections.com has been hounding me to do a drive by. Take 5 pics.
$15.00. I did one for them that was nearby. Was already there. This one is roughly 20 or so miles roundtrip. Time on site and uploading. A whopping $6/hour! I think they are getting desperate. Told them it will cost more, since it is a special trip there. Still no money in it to speak of.

Wondering Tony as I too have "signed up " with these folks and nearly done with everything here except final exam and code of ethics. They told me they would send me 2 or 3 inspections per week,. Is this bogus or for real, Wish I knew what is truth. thanks

I guess Mr. Grooms is out if business. No posts since his first two in April.

I got a call from home inspectors of America today. Wanting to know if I want to work with them. I will still function as my own company. Has anyone worked with them?

It also looks like they are using the NACHI graphics too, but are removing the NACHI copywrite…http://ushomeinspectortraining.com/category/deck-inspections/page/2/

And using Ben Gromicko’s inspection photos. Who could miss his three fingered tool he made. http://ushomeinspectortraining.com/news/

When they called, I told them I was NACHI certified. They said that is the test they use for new inspectors that aren’t certified. They seem shady to me.

They claim to be a “jump-start” to the business. Monkey business?

Still nothing on these guys. I blocked their number. They gave me a list of courses that would be take to be apart of them. All the courses are the 25 required inspector courses from this NACHI site. They won’t give any references of individuals that work or haved worked for them.

I signed up with them also. Anymore info Mr. Grooms?

Their website has spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Not a great way to impress people.

Don’t do it. It’s a scam. You are paying them for the exact training you get here at NACHI. Ask them for a reference and you will not hear from them again.

They are a legit company. I have signed up with them, got work, insured by them etc…

They don’t do any of those nickel and dime inspections like mentioned below. Like $6/hr, thats ridiculous. I get full inspection pay for my inspections, around $300.